Introduction by Author to One Unity Resource Bible v1.0
This is the product of dedication to Creator God and my personal experiences with Yeshua Jesus as my Messiah, remaking me and walking beside me thru this entire process. It was not made by the high and lofty but by regular people with dedication and devotion to learning who God is by using the Scriptures handed down to us. We searched many resources that have been compiled and made public. This 100% volunteer project utilizing community-based research, has morphed and taken shape like a rough stone, then rough cut, and finally shaped and facets cut into it. Each step making the end product that much more recognizable and beautiful and valuable. This is why each helper who has volunteered, prayed, supported me vocally processing, and given encouragement is so valuable.
Another aspect coming into this publication and Study Resource design is to aid defining common grounds to encourage informed and respectful discussion between Gentile Christians, Messianic Jews, Messianic Gentiles, and Religious Jews. Discussion about the shared Scriptures, therefore a sharred invested interest in the same Creator God and how God has chosen to reveal Himself in relationship to humans. How God uses the example of a Kinsman Redeemer, Adoption and Marriage to explain relationship. How Jews and Gentiles relate to Creator God and to each other. Also the general discussion of identity; both Jew and Gentile in Messiah, Jewish identity in general, and historical identity between Rabbinical Judaism and Nazerine Judaism. The Scriptures of Israel are a common bond, likewise God’s teachings found in them revealed to Israel. Scripture teaches, the Jews are to be a light to the Gentiles and the Gentiles are to cause the Jews to be jealous unto their own God. Israel to Gentiles (Is 42:6; Is 51:4; Mic 4:2; Is 2:3; Is 60:3; Is 60:3; Is 56; Eph 5:7-14; 1 John 1:7) and Gentiles to Israel (Deut 32:21; Rom 11:11-16, Rom 9-11; Matt 8:10; Rom 14:19-23; 1 Cor 8:9-13). God designed Jew and Gentile to mutually compliment. My intention is for this Resource Book to stimulate discussion based on mutual understanding establishing mutual respect. To clarify, respect does not mean agreement. I am not proposing the solution, rather to encourage the converstaion to begin with understanding common grounds. Let your light shine!
My goal is to accurately and precisely represent the groups represented in Scripture. That Gentile Christian can learn more about Judaism and its culture. That Rabbinical Jews, who esteem Torah and the Oral Traditions, may consider the Tanach parallels with New Covenant writings. Hopefully both can discuss these topics in a manner that is not abash nor “designed to missionize,” rather to facilitate discussion by establishing common grounds. We don't have to agree with each other, rather to consider the others’ positions accurately and thoughtfully to hopefully foster a respect when discussing differences in mutually shared topics. This is my hope and intention. Mutual respect thru shared discussion.
My motivation in designing this schollarly project accessable to regular people is simple. Accessability. Knowing who God is by how He has revealed Himself and what he expects of those who are Redeemed by the blood of the lamb God alone provides. This is designed for you to design your own research and study. “Discover For Yourself” and “Facts and Context”. Sincener questions with honest pursuit of real answers leads to more. Let God direct you in utalizing this study and research tool. Especially those who are not able to attend religious schooling and are called to lead and teach. Be blessed and shine light! Messiah is comming! Messiah Come!
If you are interested in my process and experiences that have brought me to this point, here are some similar resources you can engage with. Published books, you can read “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus” by Nabeel Qureshi. His process reflect my own, yet I began in Protestant Christianity and discovered my preference towards Messianic Judaism. Both of us prodded the facts to test the truthfulness and validity of what we believe and grew up with. Before starting this project, I found inspiration from one of David Stern’s challenges in his book “Messianic Judaism”. Then the book “Post Missionary Messianic Judaism” by Rabbi Dr. Mark S. Kinzer, especially after discussing identity with him and a few other leaders at a young scholars conference. Books Christians will find accessable that inspired me include “Torah: Law or Grace? Kingdom PRINCIPALS for Kingdom LIVING” by Rabbi Ralph Messer and “Restoration” by Dr. Thomas Lancaster. Both discuss the unique relationship of God, his Word, Torah, and Jew and Gentile believers. “Footsteps of The Messiah” by Arnold Fruchtenbaum is methodical and process orientated, a stimulating book on prophecy and how a whole-Bible perspective aids in Drash and understanding prophecy. For non-book worms, you can watch or stream TV episodes of “Ancient Jewish Wisdom” by Rabbi Daniel Lapkin and “It’s Supernatural” by Sid Roth. Both will engage and stimulate you with information based on “Facts and Context”.
I have worked very hard to publish before and during the Jubilee Year, also called the Yovel Year, and concluding the Shmitta. The first version is published in September 2016, before the High holy Days of 2016, Rabbinic Calendar year 5776, Biblical Hebrew year 6016. There is a special blessing God has in store for us in the coming years, and I feel this Resource Book will have a unique purpose in this. Some features are still to be applied, if you are interested in helping contact OUR Bible. This product is Version 1.0. The author’s intention is to produce more resources. You are encouraged to look up the title of this book and find associated lists and resource guides on various topics. This project is dedicated to Yahweh and His Messiah Yeshua, to God’s glory and his praise, forever more. Messiah come! AMEN!
Introduction by Author Thomas Robinson