Tar’gum Tol’doth Mashiach Interpretation of the Genealogy of Mashiach
(The Line of Nathan ben David)
As Interpreted By S.L. John Bernal
Ya'akov or Jacob, from Matthew’s genealogy list is Mir’yam’s or Mary’s father. This can be ascertained from looking at the words “as was supposed” in (Luke 3:23) genealogy list. Presented here are the results of many laborous hours of work. In the complete resport, S.L. John Bernal goes into supportive details for each and every name and its literal translation.
Basic Function, Nuts and Bolts: This table is presenting the geneology lists given in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke side by side. The Literal Interpertation of the names from Matthew's list is found in the middle column. At person #36 there is a deviance in the lists, Matthew is Mary's record and Luke is Joseph's record. At the end, the entire list of only translated names is presented to tell the story hidden in the meaning of names. Alot of the technical work done by John Bernal is not presented here, but can be seen in his entire research project, available to download on the OUR Bible website. Have fun!
Matthew Ch. 1 Record Literal Interpretation (of Matthew Ch. 1 record) Luke Ch. 3 Record
1 Adam Mankind 1 Adam
2 Sheth Appointed 2 Sheth
3 Enosh Mortal or Woeful 3 Enosh
4 Keynan Dwelling or Lamentation 4 Keynan
5 Mahalal’el The Praised of God 5 Mahalal’el
6 Yared or Yered Descends 6 Yared or Yered
7 Chanokh’ Instructing 7 Chanokh’
8 M’thushelach or M’thushalach His death sends 8 M’thushelach or M’thushalach
9 Lamekh’ or Lemekh’ To the perishing 9 Lamekh’ or Lemekh’
10 Noach Rest 10 Noach
11 Shem The Lofty One 11 Shem
12 Ar’pakh’shad Destroys as a desolation 12 Ar’pakh’shad
X NO Keynan – Only found in Lukas 3:27 and not in any other record.
13 Shalach or Shelach Sending 13 Shalach or Shelach
14 Ever Overflowing 14 Ever
15 Peleg or Paleg Division 15 Peleg or Paleg
16 R’u Evil 16 R’u
17 S’rug Intertwining 17 S’rug
18 Nachor Enraged or Furious 18 Nachor
19 Terach or Tarach Troubles or Tribulation 19 Terach or Tarach
20 Av’ram also called Av’raham Exalted Father became Father of a multitude 20 Av’ram also called Av’raham
21 Yitz’chak Laughs (scornfully) 21 Yitz’chak
22 Ya’akov also called Yis’rael A Supplanter or A Protector became Who reigns as God 22 Ya’akov also called Yis’rael
23 Y’hudah Praised” or “Celebrated 23 Y’hudah
24 Peretz or Paretz Breaching 24 Peretz or Paretz
25 Chetz’ron The Dividing Wall 25 Chetz’ron
X NO Yoram - Only found in a Byzantine variation of Lukas 3:27 and not in any other record.
26 Ram also called Aram Raising up 26 Ram also called Aram
27 Amminadav A liberal people” or “A willing people 27 Amminadav
28 Nach’shon One who strengthens 28 Nach’shon
29 Sal’ma or Sal’mah also called Sal’mon Who is Clothed 29 Sal’ma or Sal’mah also called Sal’mon
30 Boaz In Majesty 30 Boaz
31 Oved The Servant 31 Oved
32 Yishai or Ishai Who Is 32 Yishai or Ishai
33 David The Beloved 33 David
34a Sh’lomoh who is Y’did’yah Given 34b Nathan
35 R’chav’am The Gift of Yah 35b Mattattah
36a Aviyam who is Aviyah At the appointed time 36b Mina
37a Asa Fulfilling 37b Mal’ya
38a Y’hoshaphat God raising up 38b El’yakim
39a Yoram who is Y’horam One who sleeps 39b Yonam
40a Achaz’yah Bringing 40b Yoseph
41a Y’hoash who is Yoash Praised” or “Celebrated 41b Y’hudah
42a Amatz’yahu The one who hears 42b Shim’on
43a Azar’yah who is Uzziyah or Uzziyahu United with 43b Levi
44a Yotham Gift 44b Mattath
45a Achaz YHVH has exalted 45b Yoram who is Y’horam
46a Chiz’kiyahu who is Y’chiz’kiyahu The God of Help 46b Eliyezer
47a M’nashsheh Brings 47b Yosei, possible variant of Yoseph or Yeshua
48a Amon Opening (of the eyes) 48b Er
49a Yoshiyahu Great Judgment 49b El’m’dam also called El’modam
50a El’yakim who became Y’hoyakim He Decrees 50b Kosam
51a Y’khan’yah who is Y’khan’yahu The Eternities of 51b Addi
52a Sh’al’tiel 54b My King 52b Mal’ki
53a Z’rubbavel ben P’dayah, brother of Sh’al’tiel The Light 53b Neri
54a Chanan’yah also called Yochanan 56b Asked of God x NO (see 52a)
55a Y’sha’yah or P’lat’yah Scatters confusion 55b Reysha - Only found in Lukas 3:27 and not in the Hebrew Tenakh or any other record. Possibly a near relative adopted upon the death of parents. A Septuagint recording of it was found to be a fraud when compared with other LXX manuscripts.
56a R’phayah YHVH has shown favour 56b Yochanan also called Chanan’yah 54a
57a Ar’nan The one who praises 57b Yodah, possible variant of Y’hudah
58a Ovad’yah Brings 58b Yoseph
59a Sh’khan’yah My report 59b Shim’i or Shim’on
60a Sh’ma’yah The Gift of Yah 60b Mattith’yah
61a N’ar’yah Blotting out 61b Machath
62a El’yoeynai Plagues of 62b Naggai
63a Yochanan* One who devours 63b Ches’li
64a Avihud Consolation 64b Nachum
65a El’yakim Strengthened 65b Amotz
66a Azzur Gift of Yah 66b Mattith’yah
67a Tzadok Brings 67b Yoseph
68a Yakhin a Response of” or “Whom Yah has answered 68b Yannai
69a Elihud My King 69b Mal’ki
70a El’azar United with 70b Levi
71a Mattan Gift 71b Mattath
72a Ya’akov Ascending 72b Eli
73a Yoseph via marriage to Mir’yam Bringing 73b Yoseph
74a Yeshua ...(as was supposed) the son of Yoseph Salvation Yeshua 74b
The Total Message:
“Mankind (is) appointed Mortal (or: Woeful) Dwelling (or: Lamentation); the Praised of God descends, instructing His death sends to the perishing rest.”
“The Lofty One destroys as a desolation, sending overflowing division (and) evil intertwining enraged (or: furious) troubles (or: tribulation).”
“Exalted Father [who is the Father of a multitude] laughs (scornfully); a Supplanter [or: a Protector] who reigns as God [or: who reigns as a Mighty One] is praised, breaching [or: breaking down] the dividing wall, raising up a liberal people [or: a willing people].”
“The One who strengthens, Who is clothed in majesty, (is) the Servant who is the Beloved.”
“Given (is) the Gift of Yah at the appointed time, fulfilling God raising up the One who sleeps.”
“Bringing praise, the one who hears (is) united with the Gift YHVH has exalted.”
“The God of help brings (the) 0pening (of the eyes); great judgment He decrees – the Eternities of My King; the Light asked of God scatters confusion.”
“YHVH has shown favour; the one who praises brings My report: The Gift of Yah blotting out the plagues of the one who devours.”
“Consolation (is) strengthened (or: confirmed or established) – the Gift of Yah brings a response of (or: whom Yah has answered) My King united with the Gift ascending, bringing Salvation.”
Presented with Permission by Thomas Robinson for One Unity Resource Bible, 2016
Biblography for Original work
Bernal, S. L. J. (2009). Tar’gum Tol’doth Mashiach: Interpretation of the Genealogy of Mashiach (The Line of Nathan ben David). Self-published research