And I brethren when I came to you came not in gloriousnes of wordes or of wysdome shewynge vnto you the testimony of God. Nether shewed I my selfe that I knewe eny thinge amonge you save Iesus Christ even the same that was crucified. And I was amonge you in weaknes and in feare and in moche treblinge. And my wordes and my preachinge were not with entysynge wordes of manes wysdome: but in shewinge of the sprete and of power that youre fayth shuld not stonde in the wysdome of me but in the power of God. That we speake of is wysdome amonge them that are perfecte: not the wysdome of this worlde nether of the rulars of this worlde (which go to nought) but we speake the wysdome of God which is in secrete and lieth hyd which God ordeyned before the worlde vnto oure glory: which wysdome none of the rulars of the worlde knewe. For had they knowe it they wolde not have crucified the Lorde of glory. But as it is written: The eye hath not sene and the eare hath not hearde nether have entred into the herte of man the thinges which God hath prepared for them that love him. 10 But God hath opened them vnto vs by his sprete. For the sprete searcheth all thinges the the bottome of Goddes secretes. 11 For what man knoweth the thinges of a man: save the sprete of a man which is with in him? Even so the thinges of God knoweth no man but the sprete of god. 12 And we have not receaved the sprete of the worlde: but the sprete which cometh of god for to knowe the thinges that are geve to vs of god 13 which thinges also we speake not in the conynge wordes of manes wysdome but with the conynge wordes of the holy goost makynge spretuall comparesons of spretuall thinges. 14 For the naturall man perceaveth not the thinges of the sprete of god. For they are but folysshnes vnto him. Nether can he perceave them because he is spretually examined. 15 But he that is spretuall discusseth all thinges: yet he him selfe is iudged of no man. 16 For who knoweth the mynde of the Lorde other who shall informe him? But we vnderstonde the mynde of Christ.