The Elder vnto the beloven Gayus whom I love in the trueth. Beloved I wisshe in all thinges that thou prosperedest and faredest well even as thy soule prospereth. I reioysed greatly when the brethren came and testified of the trueth that is in the how thou walkest in trouthe. I have no greater ioye then for to heare howe that my sonnes walke in veritie. Beloved thou doest faythfully what soever thou doest to the brethren and to straungers which bare witnes of thy love before all the congregacion. Which brethren when thou bryngest forwardes on their iorney (as it besemeth god) thou shalt do well: because that for his names sake they went forth and toke nothinge of the gentyls. We therfore ought to receave soche that we also myght be helpers to the trueth. I wrote vnto the congregacion: but Diotrephes which loveth to have the preeminence amonge them receaveth vs not. 10 Wherfore yf I come I will declare his dedes which he doeth iestinge on vs with malicious wordes nether is therewith content. Not only he him silfe receaveth not the brethren: but also he forbiddeth them that wolde and thrusteth them out of the congregacion. 11 Beloved folowe not that which is evyll but that which is good. He that doeth well is of God: but he that doeth evyll seith not God. 12 Demetrius hath good reporte of all men and of the trueth: ye and we oure selves also beare recorde and ye knowe that oure recorde is true. 13 I have many thinges to wryte: but I will not with ynke and penne wryte vnto the. 14 For I trust I shall shortly se the and we shall speake mouth to mouth. Peace be with the. The lovers salute the. Grete the lovers by name.