Therefore I, an even-elder man, and a witness of Christ’s passions, which also am a communer of that glory, that shall be showed in time to come; beseech the elder men, that be among you,
feed ye the flock of God, that is among you, and purvey ye, not as constrained, but willfully, by God; not for love of foul winning, but willfully,
neither as having lordship in the clergy, but that ye be made ensample to the flock, of will [or by intent].
And when the prince of shepherds shall appear, ye shall receive the crown of glory, that may never fade.
Also, ye young men, be ye subject to elder men, and all show ye together meekness; for the Lord withstandeth proud men, but he giveth grace to meek men.
Therefore be ye meeked under the mighty hand of God, that he raise you in the time [or in the day] of visitation,
and cast ye all your busyness into him, for to him is care of you.
Be ye sober, and wake ye, for your adversary, the devil, as a roaring lion goeth about, seeking whom he shall devour.
Whom against-stand ye, strong in the faith, witting that the same passion is made to that brotherhood of you, that is in the world.
10 And God of all grace, that called you into his everlasting glory, you suffering a little [in Christ Jesus], he shall perform, and shall confirm, and shall make firm.
11 To him be glory and lordship, into worlds of worlds. Amen.
12 By Silvanus, [a] faithful brother to you as I deem, I wrote shortly; beseeching, and witnessing that this is the very grace of God, in which ye stand.
13 The church that is gathered in Babylon, and Marcus, my son, greeteth you well.
14 Greet ye well together in holy kiss. Grace be to you all that be in Christ. Amen.