Jerusalem, unclothe thee of the stole of thy mourning, and travailing [or of thy travail]; and clothe thou thee in [or with] the fairness, and honour of it, which is of God to thee in everlasting glory.
God of rightfulness shall encom-pass thee with a double cloth, and shall set on thine head a mitre of everlasting honour. [Forsooth God shall environ thee with double cloth of rightwiseness, and shall put to thine head a mitre of everlasting honour.]
For God shall show his brightness in thee, which is under heaven.
For thy name shall be named of God to thee without end, The peace of rightfulness [or Peace of rightwise-ness], and The honour of piety.
Jerusalem, rise up, and stand in an high place [or in high], and behold about to the east; and see thy sons gathered together from the sun rising till to the west, in the word of the Holy, that make joy [or joying] in the mind of God.
For they went out from thee, and were led of enemies on feet; but the Lord shall bring to thee them borne into honour, as the sons of realm [or of kingdom].
For God hath ordained to make low each high hill, and everlasting rocks of stones, and great valleys, to fill the unevenness of earth [or to full-fill the even valleys into the evenness of earth]; that Israel go diligently into the honour of God.
Forsooth the woods, and each tree of sweetness, shadowed Israel, by the commandment of God.
For God shall bring Israel with mirth, into [or in] the light of his majesty, with mercy and rightfulness [or rightwiseness], which is of him.