Forsooth king Ahasuerus made tributary each land, and all the isles of the sea;
whose strength and empire and his dignity and highness, by which he enhanced Mordecai, be written in the books of the kings of Media and of Persia;
and how Mordecai of the kin of the Jews was the second from king Ahasuerus, and was great with Jews, and acceptable to the people of his brethren, and he sought good things to his people, and spake those things, that pertained to the peace of his seed.
Here endeth the text of Hebrew. I have set openly with full faith those things, that be had in Hebrew; but I found these things that follow (verses 10:4—16:24, omitted here, see Wycliffe’s Apocrypha for the Additions to Esther), written in the common translation, that be contained in the language and letters of the Greeks.