For lo! a day shall come, burning as a chimney; and all proud men, and all that do unpiety shall be stubble; and the day coming shall enflame them, saith the Lord of hosts, which shall not leave to them root and burgeoning.
And to you dreading my name the sun of rightwiseness shall rise, and health in pens or wings of him; and ye shall go out, and shall leap, as a calf of the drove.
And ye shall tread the unpious men, when they shall be ashes under the sole of your feet, in the day in which I do, saith the Lord of hosts.
Bethink ye on the law of my servant Moses, which I commanded to him in Horeb, to all Israel commandments and dooms.
Lo! I shall send to you Elijah, the prophet, before that the great day and horrible of the Lord come.
And he shall turn again the heart of fathers to sons, and the heart of sons to the fathers of them, lest peradventure I come, and smite the earth with curse. Amen.