Daughter of the prince, thy goings be full fair in shoes; the jointures of thy hips be as brooches, that be made by the hand of a craftsman.
Thy navel is as a round cup, and well-formed, that hath never need to drinks; thy womb is as an heap of wheat, beset about with lilies.
Thy two teats be as two kids, twins of a capret.
Thy neck is as a tower of ivory; thine eyes be as [the] cisterns in Heshbon, that be in the gate of the daughter of [the] multitude; thy nose is as the tower of Lebanon, that beholdeth against Damascus.
Thine head is as Carmel; and the hairs of thine head be as the king’s purple, joined to troughs.
Most dear spousess, thou art full fair, and full shapely in delights.
Thy stature is likened to a palm tree, and thy teats to clusters of grapes.
I said, I shall go up into a palm tree, and I shall take the fruits thereof. And thy teats shall be as the clusters of grapes of a vinery; and the odour of thy mouth as the odour of pom-egranates;
thy throat shall be as best wine. Worthy to my darling for to drink, and to his lips and teeth to chew.
10 I shall cleave by love to my darling, and his turning shall be to me.
11 Come thou, my darling, go we out into the field; dwell we together in towns.
12 Rise we early to the vinery; see we, if the vine hath flowered, if the flowers bring forth fruit, if [the] pomegranates have flowered; there I shall give to thee my loves.
13  [The] Mandrakes have given their odour in our gates; my darling, I have kept to thee all apples, new and eld [or old].