Paul, the servant of God, and apostle of Jesus Christ, by the faith of the chosen of God, and by the knowing of the truth, which is after piety,
into the hope of everlasting life, which life God that lieth not, promised before times of the world;
but he hath showed in his times his word in preaching, that is betaken to me, by the commandment of God, our Saviour,
to Titus, most dearworthy [or beloved] son, by the common faith, grace and peace of God the Father, and of Christ Jesus, our Saviour.
For cause of this thing I left thee at Crete, that thou amend those things that fail, and ordain priests by cities, as also I assigned to thee.
If any man is without crime, [or great sin], an husband of one wife, and hath faithful sons, not in accusation of lechery, or not subject.
For it behooveth a bishop to be without crime, [as] a dispenser of God, not proud, not wrathful, not given to drunkenness, not [a] smiter, not covetous of foul winning;
but holding hospitality, benign, prudent, sober, just, holy, continent,
taking [or embracing] that true word, that is after doctrine; that he be mighty to admonish in wholesome teaching [or doctrine], and to reprove them that gainsay.
10 For there be many unobedient, and vain speakers, and deceivers, most they that be of circumcision,
11 which it behooveth to be reproved; which subvert all houses, teaching which things it behooveth not, for [the] love of foul winning.
12 And one of them, their proper prophet said, Men of Crete be ever more liars, evil beasts, of slow womb.
13 This witnessing is true. For which cause blame them sore, that they be whole in faith,
14 not giving attention to fables of Jews, and to commandments of men, that turn away them [or turn them away] from truth.
15 And all things be clean to clean men; but to unclean men and to unfaithful, nothing is clean, for the soul and conscience of them be made unclean.
16 They acknowledge that they know God, but by deeds they deny [him]; when they be abominable, and unbelieveful, and reprovable to all good work.