كتاب الحياة

New Arabic Version (Book of Life)

Language: [arb]العربيةArabic, Standard
Title:كتاب الحياةNew Arabic Version (Book of Life)
Abbreviation:NAVID: ARZNAV or arbnav
Copyright © 1988, 1997 International Bible Society
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New Arabic Version (Ketab El Hayat) Book of Life

لأَنَّهُ هكَذَا أَحَبَّ اللهُ الْعَالَمَ حَتَّى بَذَلَ ابْنَهُ الْوَحِيدَ، لِكَيْ لاَ يَهْلِكَ كُلُّ مَنْ يُؤْمِنُ بِهِ، بَلْ تَكُونُ لَهُ الْحَيَاةُ الأَبَدِيَّةُ.

—John 3:16

كتاب الحياة

New Arabic Version (Ketab El Hayat) Book of Life

copyright © 1988, 1997 International Bible Society
Language: العربية (Arabic, Standard)
Translation by: International Bible Society

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