Iwo Surua Mua Wie Pha Bible

Bugun Bible

Language: [bgg]KhoBugun
Title:Iwo Surua Mua Wie Pha BibleBugun Bible
Abbreviation:BUGID: BGGTWF or bgg
Copyright © 2023 The Word for the World International
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The Holy Bible in the Bugun language of India, first Bible translation

Hìthek now pha chiang shii ne Hamangkhung-aphuii pha Sajathua nane nathek è ai nyie chiid pha ji samdiig bo, ji è rek arone ai è gai zab manathek de phi ruii phro.

—Matthew 6:33

Chiih-è Hamangkhung-aphuii è sohjambling shii bajo miie rek ne awairo Dufuii iphen jia ji de phi muii, jiè hanyie magungde aishii migi rek arone ji pho ne khuchung de a-iy phro, jishii idang pha chai mua ruii phro.

—John 3:16

Gethek ne thieg hanyie è aishii miie pho chiih-è ai miiyang ne ho pho rog shii ne Hamangkhung-aphuii è zab ai blia ne wie rek phi.

—Romans 8:28

Iwo Surua Mua Wie Pha Bible

The Holy Bible in the Bugun language of India, first Bible translation

copyright © 2023 The Word for the World International
Language: Kho (Bugun)
Contributor: The Word for the World Southeast Asia

The New Testament in Bugun

published as


Mua Wie Pha Bible

The Word For The World International

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