Gumatj Bible

Language: [gnn]GumatjGumatj
Title:Gumatj BibleGumatj Bible
Abbreviation:ID: GNNBSA or gnn
Copyright © 1989, 2017 Bible Society of Australia
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The Holy Bible in the Gumatj language of Australia

Yo, wirrkina ŋayi Gunhu'yunydja yukurra märryu-ḏapmarama yolŋunha walalanha wäŋalili ga wäŋalili buku-ḻiw'marama yana, bala ŋayi dhayuŋarana nhanŋuway ŋunhi waŋganynhana gäthu'mirriŋunhanydja, märr yurru ŋunhiyinydja yolŋu, ŋunhi ŋayi yurru märr-yuwalkthirrinydja yukurra nhanukala, yakana ŋayi yurru rakunydhirrinydja ŋunhiyi, yana ŋayi yurru nhina yukurra walŋamirriŋurana romŋura, bitjanna liŋguna yurru.

—John 3:16

Gumatj Bible

The Holy Bible in the Gumatj language of Australia

copyright © 1989, 2017 Bible Society of Australia
Language: Gumatj

Old Testament published 1989; New Testament published 2017

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