Mamamili Wangka

Martu Wangka Bible

Language: [mpj]Martu WangkaMartu Wangka
Title:Mamamili WangkaMartu Wangka Bible
Abbreviation:ID: MPJBSA or mpj
Copyright © 1999 Bible Society of Australia
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Portions of the Holy Bible in the Martu Wangka language of Australia

Mama ngarnawarrapurluka-nyurrampa martu wulikajaku layikamuminyirri nyininpa, kayilaparni palumili kaja kuju kurtingu. Martulurninyurra ngayu yilta kulilku, ka-nyurranya mirta Mamalu ngula warrkilku kurtingku, kanyurra wanka wulu nyinaku.

—John 3:16

Mamamili Wangka

Portions of the Holy Bible in the Martu Wangka language of Australia

copyright © 1999 Bible Society of Australia
Language: Martu Wangka

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