Bible Ni Thothup

Yapese Bible

Language: [yap]YapeseYapese
Title:Bible Ni ThothupYapese Bible
Abbreviation:ID: YAPBSM or yap
Copyright © 2007 Bible Society of Micronesia
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The Holy Bible in the Yapese language of the Federated States of Micronesia

Aram ko tabolngin ni tabab Got i sunmiy e fayleng nge urngin ban’en ni bay u lanelang,

—Genesis 1:1

I SOMOL e be gafaliyeg ni bod ba tagafaliy e saf; dakuriy ban’en ngabang ni nge yag ngog.

—Psalm 23:1

Ere ngam m’oneged u wun’med e gagiyeg rok Got nge tin nib m’agan’ ngay ni ngam rin’ed, ma arame urngin e pin’ey nra pi’ ngomed.

—Matthew 6:33

Ya Got e rib t’uf e girdi’ nu fayleng rok, ma aram me pi’ Fak ni kari maagirag rok nge yib, ni fan e nge urngin e pi’in ni michan’rad ngak e aram e dab kurm’ad, ya keyag e yafos ndariy n’umngin nap’an ngorad.

—John 3:16

Urngin e pi’in ke piningrad Got ko tin be leamnag ni pi’in nib t’uf Got rorad, e gadad manang nma ayuwegrad Got nge pingeg urngin ban’en nge fel’ ngorad.

—Romans 8:28

Bible Ni Thothup

The Holy Bible in the Yapese language of the Federated States of Micronesia

Copyright © 2007 Bible Society of Micronesia
Language: Yapese

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