El Nuevo Testamento Mazateco de Ayautla

NT in Ayautla Mazateco

Language: [vmy]Mazateco, AyautlaMazateco, Ayautla
Title:El Nuevo Testamento Mazateco de AyautlaNT in Ayautla Mazateco
Abbreviation:vmyNTID: VMYWBT or vmyNT
Copyright © 2009 Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc.
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New Testament in the Ayautla Mazateco language of Mexico

Tunga titjun tinyisjo nga siꞌon jotsaꞌen mejénre Naꞌenchana ña batexuma ꞌba xi kixi tjin ngixkun, ꞌba sakunu ngayéje tsajmibi yaꞌa.

—Matthew 6:33

’Ngatꞌa Naꞌenchana ꞌñu= kitsimején xuta tseꞌe ngasunꞌndio kaꞌnda kitsja Kiꞌndi jngututure, tuxi ngatsiꞌi xi ku̱akjainre ngatꞌare kui bi cha̱jani, tusa sꞌe̱re kjuabenichun xi bi fetꞌa.

—John 3:16

ꞌYaña nga ngayéje xi mataꞌen xuta xi tsimején Naꞌenchana, kui tsichjen kibiu nga tu kjuanda tseꞌe xutabiu, xuta xi xakjiꞌi kinchjare jotsaꞌen kuamejénre.

—Romans 8:28

El Nuevo Testamento Mazateco de Ayautla

New Testament in the Ayautla Mazateco language of Mexico

copyright © 2009 Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc.
Language: Mazateco, Ayautla
Translation by: Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc.

Mazateco, Ayautla [vmy], Mexico

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The New Testament
in Mazateco, Ayautla

©Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc., 2009

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