Wik Inangan Kan-Kanam God.antama

Wik-Mungkan NT

Language: [wim]Wik-MungkanWik-Mungkan
Title:Wik Inangan Kan-Kanam God.antamaWik-Mungkan NT
Abbreviation:ID: WIMWBT or wim
Copyright © 1984 Wycliffe Bible Translators
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The New Testament in the Wik-Mungkan language of Cape York, Australia

Yaa, niiyiy putha punch-aakam theeꞌwun maꞌ God.antang, niiy min anman yump-yumpān wiyantan nil piip God.an yipam ngangk min wunowanta, aꞌ nilaniya maꞌ-aath-aathow niiyang mayan uwān, ngakan putha way min kulich thakan uwāna.

—Matthew 6:33

Puth nil God.an kan-kanam kaangk wunan ngampar pam wanchant, an ngangk pal pekkuwam kaangk wunan ngampar, keꞌ-paal nilan nhengk nungantam kaaꞌ-thonaman kuch nunang, than yipam weeꞌ-weeꞌanangan ngangk punch-aakamaniy theeꞌayn nungant-a, an than ngangk aak umpuyaman wun-wunayn nungantang, God.antang, nil keꞌ kuchiy thanang nungantam anpalan.

—John 3:16

Ngamp weeꞌ-weeꞌanangan kaangk nungant God.antan-a, nil puth ngangk minangam anman iiy-iiyan ngamparana. Ngamp puth pam wanch nungantam, nil kaꞌathaman miꞌ ngampang woyan nungantaman wak-wakāmp. Yaa, puth ina, ngeen nathwey wampow ngampar-a, nath mina, nath yaꞌ, way nath wampow ngampar-a, nil God.angan maꞌ-aath-aathan ngampangana, aꞌ an puth min ngamparana yimananganiy wamp-wampayn ngamparana, ngamp puth God.antan kaangk wun-wunanampa.

—Romans 8:28

Wik Inangan Kan-Kanam God.antama

The New Testament in the Wik-Mungkan language of Cape York, Australia

copyright © 1984 Wycliffe Bible Translators
Language: Wik-Mungkan

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