A Pacuek Nah
(John’s First Letter)
John wants Christian believers to know that when we tell God about our sins, God will forgive us and take them away (chapter 1.9).
The true test of faith is love for each other (3.11-24). Because God is love, his people must be like him (4.1-21). For a complete victory over sin, we must not only love others, but we must believe that Jesus, the Son of God, is truly Christ, and that his death for us was real (5.1-12).
The Word that gives life was from the beginning,
and this is the one our message is about. (Chapter 1.1)
The Word That Gives Life (1.1-4)
God Is Light and Christ Is Our Example (1.5—2.6)
The New Commandment (2.7-17)
The Enemies of Christ and God's Children (2.18—3.10)
God's Love and Our Love (3.11—4.21)
Victory Over the World (5.1-21)
Jhn 1.1Te tah a tongcuek lamkah aka om tih te te n'yaak uh. Te te mamih mik neh n'sawt uh coeng. Te te m'hmuh uh phoeiah mamih kut loh a phathuep hingnah Olka kawng ni. Jhn 1.14Hingnah long tah ha phoe ngawn coeng. Te vaengah dungyan hingnah te ka hmuh uh tih ka phong uh vanbangla nangmih taengah ka puen uh. Te tah pa taengah om tih mamih taengah ha phoe coeng. Te te ka hmuh uh tih ka yaak uh dongah ni nangmih taengah khaw ka puen uh. Te daengah ni nangmih khaw kaimih taengah rhoinaengnah, pa neh mamih, a capa Jesuh Khrih neh rhoinaengnah te khaw na khueh uh eh. Hekah he khaw kaimih kah omngaihnah soep sak ham ni kaimih loh ka daek uh.
Pathen neh Rhoinaengnah
He kah olthang aka om he amah lamloh ka yaak uh tih nangmih taengah ka puen uh. Pathen tah vangnah la om tih a khuiah a hmuep om loengloeng pawh. Amah neh rhoinaengnah n'khueh uh tila n'thui uh tih yinnah khuiah m'pongpa uh atah n'laithae uh tih oltak n'saii moenih. Tedae amah loh vangnah khuiah a om vanbangla vangnah khuiah m'pongpa uh atah, khat neh khat taengah rhoinaengnah ng'khueh uh. Te vaengah a capa Jesuh kah thii loh mamih he tholhnah cungkuem lamloh n'cilpoe coeng. Tholhnah n'khueh uh moenih tila n'thui uh atah amah la n'rhaithi uh dongah oltak loh mamih khuiah om pawh. Mamih kah tholhnah te m'phong uh atah amah khaw uepom la om tih a dueng dongah mamih kah tholhnah te a hlah tih boethae cungkuem lamkah mamih n'cilpoe. 10 Ka tholh uh pawh tila n'thui uh atah amah laithae m'pup uh tih a olka loh mamih khuiah om pawh.

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