A Pacuek Nah
(First Letter to the Thessalonians)
Paul started the church in Thessalonica (chapter 2.13,14), while working hard to support himself (2.9). In this important city of northern Greece, many of the followers had worshipped idols before becoming Christians (1.9). But they were faithful to the Lord, and because of them the Lord's message had spread everywhere in that region (1.8). This letter may have been the first one that Paul wrote, and maybe even the first of all the New Testament writings.
Some people in Thessalonica began to oppose Paul, and he had to escape to Athens. But he sent his young friend Timothy to find out how the Christians were doing (3.1-5). When Timothy returned, he gave Paul good reports of their faith and love (3.6-10).
The church itself had problems. Some of its members had stopped working, since they thought that the Lord would soon return (4.11,12). Others were worried because relatives and friends had already died before Christ's return. So Paul tried to explain to them more clearly what would happen when the Lord returns (4.13-15), and then told them how they should live in the meantime (5.1-11).
Paul's final instructions are well worth remembering:
Always be joyful and never stop praying. Whatever happens, keep thanking God because of Jesus Christ. This is what God wants you to do. (Chapter 5.16-18)
Greetings (1.1-3)
The Thessalonians' Faith and Example (1.4—3.13)
A Life That Pleases God (4.1-12)
What to Expect When the Lord Returns (4.13—5.11)
Final Instructions and Greetings (5.12-28)
Clt 17.1Paul, Silvanas neh Timothy loh a pa Pathen neh Boeipa Jesuh Khrih ah Tesalonika kah hlangboel te kan yaak sak. Nangmih taengah lungvatnah neh ngaimongnah om saeh.
Uemcil Thuinah
Nangmih boeih kongah Pathen te ka uem uh taitu. Kaimih kah thangthuinah dongah poekkoepnah ka saii uh. Nangmih kah tangnah bibi neh lungnah thakthaenah, a pa Pathen hmaiah Jesuh Khrih mamih Boeipa kah ngaiuepnah dongah uehnah te phat ka poek uh. Pathen kah a lungnah manuca rhoek nangmih kah tueknah te ming uh. Kaimih kah olthangthen tah nangmih taengah olka bueng nen pawt tih thaomnah nen khaw Mueihla Cim nen khaw, ngaikhueknah soep nen khaw ha pawk. Na ming uh vanbangla nangmih khuiah ka om te khaw nangmih ham ni. Clt 17.5-9Nangmih khaw Boeipa neh kaimih mueiloh la na om uh dongah phacip phabaem te yet khuiah olthang te omngaihnah Mueihla Cim neh na doe uh. Te dongah Makedonia neh Akhaia kah aka tangnah rhoek boeih ham mueimae la na om uh. Boeipa kah olka tah nangmih lamloh ha hum tih Makedonia neh Akhaia ah bueng pawt tih Pathen na tangnah te hmuen takuem la cet coeng. Te dongah kaimih kah thui ham pakhat khaw a ngoe moenih. Amih loh Kaimih kawng ah nangmih taengah kunnah metla a om khaw, mueirhol lamloh aka hing oltak Pathen kah salbi ham Pathen taengah metla na mael uh khaw, 10 vaan lamkah a capa rhingoel te khaw, anih te duek khui lamloh a thoh te khaw, aka thoeng ham kosi lamloh mamih aka hlawt Jesuh kawng te khaw ha puen uh coeng.

1:1 Clt 17.1

1:6 Clt 17.5-9