(Letter to the Colossians)
Colossae was an important city in western Asia Minor, about 160 kilometres east of the port city of Ephesus. Paul had never been to Colossae, but he was pleased to learn that the Christians there were strong in their faith (chapter 1.3-7; 2.6,7). They had heard the good news from a man named Epaphras who had lived there (1.7; 4.12,13), but was in jail with Paul (Philemon 23) at the time that Paul wrote this letter (1.14; 4.3,10,18).
Many of the church members in Colossae were Gentiles (1.27), and some of them were influenced by strange religious ideas and practices (2.16-23). They thought that to obey God fully they must give up certain physical desires and worship angels and other spiritual powers. But Paul wanted them to know that Christ was with God in heaven, ruling over all powers in the universe (3.1). And so, their worship should be directed to Christ.
Paul quotes a beautiful hymn that explains who Christ is:
Christ is exactly like God, who cannot be seen.
He is the firstborn Son, superior to all creation.
God himself was pleased to live fully in his Son.
And God was pleased for him to make peace
by sacrificing his blood on the cross. (Chapter 1.15,19,20a)
Greetings (1.1,2)
A Prayer of Thanks (1.3-8)
The Person and Work of Christ (1.9—2.19)
New Life with Christ (2.20—4.6)
Final Greetings (4.7-18)
Pathen kah kongaih dongah Jesuh Khrih kah caeltueih Paul neh manuca Timothy loh, Kolosa kah hlangcim rhoek neh Khrih ah uepom manuca rhoek te kan yaak sak. Nangmih taengah a pa Pathen taengkah lungvatnah neh ngaimongnah om saeh.
Omngaih Cil
Nangmih ham ka thangthui uh taitu tih mamih Boeipa Jesuh Khrih kah a napa Pathen te ng'uem uh. Jesuh Khrih ah nangmih kah tangnah neh hlangcim rhoek boeih taengah lungnah na khueh uh ka yaak te, vaan ah nangmih ham a tung ngaiuepnah rhangnen ni. Te tah nangmih taengla aka lo olthangthen kah oltak olka dongah na yaak uh coeng. Diklai pum ah khaw thaihtak la om tih a rhoeng vanbangla Pathen lungvatnah oltak la na yaak uh tih na ming uh khohnin vaeng lamloh nangmih khuiah khaw om van coeng. Kol 4.12; Phm 1.23Hetah mamih kah sal puei neh thintlo Epaphras lamkah na yaak uh. Anih he nangmih ham Khrih kah uepom tueihyoeih ni. Amah loh nangmih kah lungnah, Mueihla dongkah te khaw mamih taengah a thuicaih.
Mueihla ben Rhoeng ham Thangthuinah
Te dongah kaimih khaw ka yaak uh khohnin lamkah te nangmih ham thangthui tih ka bih te ka toeng uh pawh. Te daengah ni cueihnah cungkuem neh mueihla ah yakmingnah dongah a kongaih mingnah te na cung uh eh. 10 A cungkuem dongah Boeipa kah kolo neh a tingtawk la pongpa sak ham, a cungkuem dongah bibi then neh thaihtak uh tih Pathen kah mingnah dongah rhoeng sak ham, 11 Amah thangpomnah dongkah thaomnah vanbangla uehnah neh thinsennah cungkuem dongla thaomnah boeih neh thaphoh sak ham ni. 12 Vangnah dongah hlangcim rhoek kah hmulung dongkah buham la nangmih aka saii a pa te omngaihnah neh uem uh. 13 Amah loh yinnah kah saithainah lamloh mamih n'hlawt tih a lungnah a Capa kah ram la m'puen sak coeng. 14  Eph 1.7Amah dongah tholh khodawkngainah, tlannah te n'dang uh.
A Hnun Koek he Khrih ni
15 Anih tah hmuhmueh Pathen kah mueimae, suentae boeih kah caming omthang ni. 16 Amah lamloh vaan neh diklai hmankah hmuhthai neh hmuhmueh boeih te a suen. Ngolkhoel khaw, taemrhainah khaw, boeilu rhoek khaw, saithainah khaw a cungkuem te amah loh amah ham a suen. 17 Anih tah a cungkuem a om hlanah om tih cungkuem tah anih lamloh poe. 18  Eph 1.22,23Anih tah hlangboel pum kah a lu la om. Anih tah a tongnah neh duek khui lamloh caming omthang la om. Te daengah ni cungkuem dongah om vetih amah khaw a lamhma pai eh. 19 Anih dongah a soepnah te boeih om sak ham neh anih rhangneh a cungkuem te amah taengah moeithen ham a lungtlun. 20  Eph 2.16A thinglam dongkah thii rhangneh amah loh diklai dongkah neh vaan kah te khaw a moeithen.
21 Hnukbuet ah nangmih te n'hai tih khoboe thae lamloh kopoek ah rhal la om. 22 Tedae nangmih te amah hmaiah hlangcim, cuemthuek neh cimbit la pai sak ham dueknah rhangneh a pumsa kah pum dongah a moeithen coeng. 23 Na oei tangnah te khak na sut van atah na yaak uh olthangthen kah ngaiuepnah lamloh nongcen uh boeh. Vaan hmuikah suentae boeih taengah a hoe coeng tih kai Paul tah a tueihyoeih la ka om.
Paul kah Bibi
24 Nangmih yueng la patangnah neh ka omngaih coeng. Amah pum yueng la ka pumsa dongah Khrih kah phacip phabaem lamloh vawtthoeknah te ka koei. Hlangboel tah amah pum ni. 25 Kai tah te olthangthen kah tueihyoeih la ka om tih Pathen kah hnokhoemnah vanbangla Pathen kah olka te nangmih taengah tomthap ham kai m'paek coeng. 26 Olhuep te khosuen lamkah neh suentae lamkah a thuh coeng dae tahae atah a hlangcim rhoek ham a phoe pah. 27 Pathen loh he namtom taengah olhuep kah thangpomnah khuehtawn te phoe ham a ngaih. Te thangpomnah dongkah ngaiuepnah tah nangmih khuiah aka om Khrih ni. 28 Hlang tom aka rhalrhing sak tih cueihnah cungkuem neh hlang tom aka thuituen mamih loh amah kawng ni n'doek uh. Te daengah ni hlang boeih he Khrih ah lungcuei la m'pai sak eh. 29 Te ham khaw a bibi tarhing ah thakthae neh ka thingthuel dae ka khuiah thaomnah neh ha tueng.

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