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The translators of the Matupi Chin Standard Bible have increased its reliability by using a set of Bible translation software tools provided by Global Bible Initiative. This memory-based system brings discipline to the Bible translation process, and enables translators to carefully analyze the accuracy of their work at the minute level while also making sure they maintain consistency at the macro level, across multiple passages, chapters, books, and testaments. The word and phrase level alignment of the translated text to the Greek and Hebrew original texts, constantly provides feedback to the translators through its automatically generated concordance and translation memory. The software also offers many unique ways for translators to study and analyze the original inspired texts to determine the author’s intent and meaning. They can confirm their conclusions by comparing them with numerous reference translations in different languages. Finally, the software provides a quick layout of the translated text, which enables the translators, consultants, reviewers, and church leaders to objectively evaluate their work.
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