Deuterocanonical book that is also known as Ecclesiasticus (to be distinguished from the canonical book Ecclesiastes). The author is generally referred to as Jesus ben Sirach; however, in recently discovered Hebrew manuscripts, his name is given as Simon son of Jesus son of Eleazar ben Sirach. He was a Hebrew sage who lived in the beginning of the second century bc and who taught in Jerusalem (Ecclus 50:27; cf. 51:23ff.). The work bears the imprint of a man steeped in a tradition later known as Sadducean. This work was valued highly by both Jews and Christians. The author was a scribe who wished to give his teachings a more permanent form, for which he utilized the canonical Proverbs as a model. His instruction adheres closely to Jewish orthodoxy. The book was probably written about 180 bc.
Cueinah A Uem
Cueihnah boeih Boeipa lamkah tih. amah taengah a yoeyah la om.
Tuitunli kah laivin khaw, khotlan tuicip khaw, kumhal kah khohnin he u long a tae thai?
Vaan kah a sang neh, diklai kah a ka khaw, tangrhom kah a dung khaw u long a khe thai?
Cueinah he hno tloe cungkuem lakah a suen lamhma coeng, yakmingnah neh mueltuetnah khaw khosuem kah pawn ni.
Cueinah a yung tah u taengah nim a phoe? A langnah te uh long a ming?
Cueihnah mingnah he a phoe pah rhoek taengah om tih, aka yaakming rhoek taengah tah a coih la a hmuh.
Hlang pakhat om tih, anih tah cueih, bahoeng rhih ham aka om tah, A ngolkhoel dongah aka ngol Boeipa ni.
Amah loh cueihnah a suen tih, Te te a sawt phoeihah a nueh bal pueng, Te ni a bibinah boeih dongah a lun.
10 A kutdoe tarhing la mulhing boeih soah a paek tih, amah aka lungnah soah moeihoeih la a paek.
Boeipa Rhih he Cueihnah ni
11 Boeipa rhihnah he thangpomnah neh pomsangnah, kohoenah neh omngaihnah rhuisam la om.
12 Boeipa rhihnah loh thinko a hmae sak tih, kohoenah, omngaihnah, hinglung vangnah a paek.
13 Boeipa aka rhih tah a bawtnah hil omngaih vetih, a dueknah hnin ah yoethennah om ni.
14 Boeipa rhihnah he tah cueihnah a tongnah ni, te te bungko khuiah khaw uepomnah neh a suen.
15 Cueihnah tah hlanghing lakli ah kumhal khoengim la a suen tih, a cadil lakli ah khaw uepom la rhaehrhong pawn ni.
16 Boeipa rhihnah loh cueihnah a baetawt sak, a thai te hlang a hah sak.
17 Im pum te ngaih om hno neh a bae sak tih, a khai te a thaih neh a khawk sak.
18 Boeipa rhihnah he cueihnah rhuisam la om, mongnah neh saitlimnah ham sadingah a paek.
19 Mingnah te a tlan sak tih nuemnainah te a ngaih sak, Amah aka tu rhoek kah thangpomnah te a sang sak.
20 Boeipa rhihnah tah cueinah a yung la om, a hlaeng khaw hinglung a vangnah la om.
21 Boeipa rhihnah long tah tholhnah a haek tih, amah dongah aka tukkai hlang a thintoeknah boeih a nong tak.
22 A thuem mueh kah thintoeknah he a thuem la a om moenih, cungnueh a bawtnah hil kah thintoeknah loh hlang a poci sak.
23 A thuemnah rhi hil kammueh la om tih aka ueh tah, amih te kohoenah loh koep a mael thil.
24 A thuemnah rhi hil a ol aka tuem rhoek tah, A yet kah hmuilai dongah amih kah a then te a thui.
25 Cueihnah thakvoh khuikah tah olthui khaw cueih, tedae hingcimnah he hlangtholh ham tah tueilaeh kap.
26 Cueinah te na ngaih tah olpaek te tuem, Boeipa loh nang soah a hmoek bitni.
27 Boeipa rhihnah tah cueihnah neh rhilam la om tih, uepomnah neh kodonah ni a ngaingaih.
28 Boeipa rhihnah te altha boel lamtah, lungbuei kaekvang neh amah te paan boeh.
29 Hlang tloe hmuh ah thailatnah neh om boeh, na hmuilai khaw dawn lamtah tuem.
30 Namah te pom uh soeh boeh, Na tla vetih nang soah mingthaenah la pai ve. Boeipa loh na olhuep khaw a phoe vetih, hlangping hmai ah nang m'palet ve. Boeipa rhihnah neh na lo pawt dongah, na thinko ah thailainah ni a bae.