Elijah An Da Guys Dat Talk
Fo Da Baal God
Long time afta dat, da numba three year dat no mo rain, one message come from Da One In Charge fo Elijah: “Go talk to King Ahab. Cuz now, I goin make rain come down on top da groun.” Az why Elijah go back Israel side, fo Ahab see him an know dat he dea awready.
Dat time, no mo food Samaria side, an hard fo da peopo dea. Wen Elijah stay on da road fo go Samaria side, King Ahab tell his worka guy Obadiah fo come by him. (Obadiah stay in charge a Ahab palace, an he one guy dat get awesome respeck fo Da One In Charge. Befo time, wen Jezebel stay kill da guys dat talk fo Da One In Charge, Obadiah wen take one hundred a dem an hide um, fifty inside one big cave, an fifty mo inside anodda cave, an he make shua dey get food an watta.) Ahab tell Obadiah, “Go all ova da land. Check out all da pukas dat get watta come outa da groun, an all da valleys dat get stream wit watta. Maybe can find some grass fo da horse an mule fo dem stay alive an us no need kill any a da animals.” Ahab an Obadiah half half da place dey gotta go. Ahab go one side, an Obadiah go da odda side, dey no go togedda.
Wen Obadiah walk down da road, Elijah meet him. Obadiah see Elijah an know dass him. So Obadiah go down on top da groun fo show respeck, an he tell Elijah, “Eh, az you fo real, my boss, Elijah?!”
Elijah tell, “Yeah, dis me! Go tell yoa boss, ‘Elijah stay come awready!’ ” Obadiah tell, “Wat I wen do wrong, fo me gotta do dis?! Cuz if I do wat you tell me fo do, az jalike you set me up so my boss Ahab goin kill me fo shua! 10 I shua dat yoa God, Da One In Charge, stay alive, an I shua bout dis too: my boss Ahab wen sen peopo to ery country an ery king fo look fo you! An wen dey tell, ‘Elijah no stay hea,’ den Ahab make da king promise fo tell da trut dat dey no can find you. 11 An now, you tell me go tell my boss, ‘Elijah stay hea awready!’ 12 But afta I leave you, I donno wea God Spirit goin pick you up an bring you. If I go tell Ahab dat you stay hea, an he no can find you hea, he goin kill me! No matta I yoa slave guy, an I get awesome respeck fo Da One In Charge from small kid time. 13 Maybe nobody tell you, boss, wat I wen do befo time, da time Jezebel stay kill da guys dat talk fo Da One In Charge. I wen take hundred a dem an hide um inside two big cave, an make shua dey get food an watta. 14 But now, you tell me fo go tell my boss, ‘Elijah, he hea awready!’ He goin kill me fo shua!”
15 Elijah tell, “Jalike I shua dat Da One In Charge, Da God Ova All Da Armies, stay alive, I shua I goin stan in front Ahab today, an I goin let him see me!”
16 Den Obadiah go fo meet Ahab. He tell Ahab wat wen happen. Den Ahab go fo meet Elijah. 17 Wen Ahab see Elijah, he tell um, “So! You da guy dat stay make trouble fo all da Israel peopo!”
18 Elijah tell, “No ways! I neva make trouble fo da Israel peopo. You an yoa faddah guy ohana wen make trouble, cuz you guys no do da tings Da One In Charge tell you fo do, an you pray to da Baal kine gods.
19 “So now, go sen peopo all ova da Israel land fo bring togedda all da peopo by me on top Mount Carmel. An bring da 450 guys dat talk fo da Baal god, an da 400 guys dat talk fo da Asherah god, dat Jezebel stay give food from her palace!” 20 So King Ahab sen guys fo go by all da Israel peopo, an fo tell da guys dat talk fo dea gods come togedda Mount Carmel.
21 On top Mount Carmel, Elijah go in front all da peopo. He tell, “You guys gotta make up yoa mind right now, one way o da odda way! If Da One In Charge stay God fo real kine, go wit him! But if Baal stay God fo real kine, go wit him!” Da peopo, dey no say notting.
22 Den Elijah tell da peopo, “Me, I da ony guy dat talk fo Da One In Charge dat neva mahke. But Baal, he get 450 guys dat talk fo him. 23 Go get two bull, one fo me an one fo dem. Let um pick da one dey like. Den dey goin kill um an cut um up an put da pieces on top da wood, but no put fire. Me, I goin do same ting wit da odda bull, an put da pieces on top da wood, but I no goin put fire too. 24 Den, you guys call yoa god name, an I goin use Da One In Charge name fo call him. Wateva god sen da fire fo show dat he stay lissen, dass da God dat stay fo real!”
All da peopo tell, “Az good, wat you tell.”
25 Elijah tell da guys dat talk fo Baal, “Get plenny a you guys, so go do um firs. Pick one a da bulls an make um ready. Den call yoa god name, but no light da fire.”
26 Da guys dat talk fo Baal take da bull Elijah wen give um an kill um fo make ready da sacrifice. Dey use Baal name fo call him. Dey do dat from morning time till noon time. Dey yell, “Eh, Baal, lissen us guys an do someting!” But dey no hear notting from Baal. Nobody tell dem notting. Den dey go dance all ova da altar dey wen build. 27 Wen come noon time, Elijah start fo mout off at dem. He tell, “Yell mo loud! Cuz Baal one god. Maybe he tink real hard bout someting, o maybe he stay inside da lua, o he go holoholo. Maybe he stay sleep, an gotta wait till he wake up!” 28 So den dey wen yell mo loud, an cut dea skin wit sword an spear, cuz dass wat dey do, till da blood come out. 29 Aftanoon time, dey do same ting. Dey make jalike da guys dat talk fo Baal suppose to make, spazzing out till evening time, wen time fo make da regula kine sacrifice. But Baal no do notting, nobody tell dem notting, nobody lissen dem.
30 Den Elijah tell all da peopo, “Go come ova hea by me!” Dey all come. He fix da altar fo make sacrifice fo Da One In Charge, dat stay broke. 31  18:31: Start 32:28; 35:10Elijah go get twelve stone, one stone fo all da twelve ohanas dat come from Jacob. (An Jacob, he da guy long time befo time get one message from God, “From now, yoa name goin be ‘Israel.’ ”) 32 Elijah use da stones fo build up da altar one mo time, fo show wat kine god Da One In Charge. He dig one big ditch aroun da altar, enuff fo plant two box seed. 33 He fix da firewood jus right, an cut up da bull an put da pieces on top da wood. 34 Den Elijah tell da peopo, “Go fill up four big pots wit watta, an pour um on top da sacrifice meat an on top da wood.” Afta dey do dat, he tell um “One mo time, same ting,” an dey go do um one mo time. He tell um, “One mo time,” an dey do um, three time. 35 Da watta go all ova da altar an fill up da ditch too. 36 Wen time fo make da sacrifice, Elijah da guy dat talk fo God go by da altar an pray lidis: “Da One In Charge, you da God fo Abraham an Isaac an Israel. Today, I like erybody know, dat you da God fo da Israel peopo, an you da boss fo me. An all dese tings I do, I do um cuz dass wat you tell me fo do. 37 Da One In Charge, do someting fo show you lissen me, so den dis peopo goin know dat you Da One In Charge, you da God dass fo real, an dat you stay make dem trus you one mo time.” 38 Right den an dea, fire from Da One In Charge come down outa da sky. Da fire burn up da sacrifice, an da wood, an da stones an da dirt, an even da watta inside da ditch.
39 Wen all da peopo see dis, dey go down an put dea face on top da groun, an dey yell, “Da One In Charge, he da God fo real kine! Da One In Charge, he da God fo real kine!”
40 Den Elijah tell da peopo, “Grab da guys dat talk fo Baal! No let even one a dem run away!” Da peopo grab dem. Elijah tell da peopo go take um down by da Kishon Stream, an he kill um all dea.
Elijah Pray Fo Da Rain Come
41 Den Elijah tell King Ahab, “You go home now, fo eat an drink. Cuz soun jalike goin get heavy rain!”
42  18:42: James 5:18Ahab go home fo eat an drink. Elijah, he go back up Mount Carmel to da top. He bend down to da groun, an put his face on his knees. 43 Elijah tell da guy dat work fo him, “Go ova dea an look makai side.”
Da guy go an look. He tell, “No mo notting ova dea.”
Seven time, Elijah tell um, “Go back look!”
44 Da numba seven time, da worka guy tell, “Eh! Get cloud, small kine. Look jalike one hand. Stay come up outa da ocean.”
Elijah tell, “Go by King Ahab. Tell um dis: ‘Tie da horse to yoa war wagon! Go quick down da mountain, befo da rain hold you back!’ ” 45 An mo an moa, da sky come dark wit clouds an wind. Den start fo rain hard. Ahab ride his war wagon fo reach Jezreel town. 46 Da One In Charge make Elijah come strong. So he pull up his robe an tie um wit his belt, den he run in front Ahab all da way to da place peopo go inside Jezreel town.

18:31 18:31: Start 32:28; 35:10

18:42 18:42: James 5:18