Da Israel Peopo Like Get One King
Dat time, wen Samuel come ol, he make his boys come da local leada guys fo all da Israel peopo. His numba one boy name Joel. Da numba two boy name Abijah. Dem, da local leada guys Beer-Sheba side. But Samuel boys no do stuff jalike dea faddah. Dey go da wrong way fo da money. An dey take unda da table money too! Dey suppose to judge wass right an wass wrong. But erytime, dey make shua dat dey judge da wrong way.
So, all da older leada guys come togedda, an go by Samuel, Ramah side. 8:5: Rules2 17:14Dey tell um, “Eh! We know you ol awready, an we know yoa boys no like do stuff jalike you. Az why we stay tell you, make somebody da king fo lead us guys, jalike all da odda peopos get king.” But wen dey tell, “Give one king fo lead us guys,” Samuel tink, “Eh! Az not good fo do!” An so, he pray to Da One In Charge. Da One In Charge tell um, “Lissen to da peopo! Lissen eryting da peopo stay tell you! You not da one dey tink az no good. Az me! I da one dey tink az no good fo be dea king! Dese buggahs, erytime dey ack lidis, from da time I wen get um outa Egypt till now! Dey bag from me, an let da odda kine gods come dea boss. Az how dey stay make to you too. So now, go ahead! Lissen to dem! But tell um, fo shua, dey betta watch out! Tell um serious kine, dat wen da king make up his mind, dey gotta lissen him, no matta dey no like!”
10 Den Samuel tell eryting Da One In Charge wen tell him to da peopo dat stay aks him fo one king. 11 Samuel tell, “Dis how da king dat goin lead you guys goin do. He goin take yoa boys an make some a dem work wit his war wagons an horses, an odda boys goin run in front his war wagons fo fight. 12 He goin pick some a yoa boys an make dem his officer guys in charge a tousan army guys, an some in charge a fifty army guys. He goin tell some a yoa odda boys fo plow his fields fo him an harves his wheat an barley. An, he goin tell yoa odda boys fo make da tings da army guys use fo fight, an make stuff fo his war wagons. 13 He goin tell yoa girls fo make perfume fo him, an fo cook an bake. 14 He goin take ova yoa bestes wheat fields, an grape farms, an olive trees fo him give um to his helpa guys. 15 Den he goin take ten percent a yoa wheat an barley an yoa grapes, an give um to his palace guys an his odda helpa guys. 16 He goin take da guys an wahines dat work fo you guys, an yoa bestes cows an donkeys, an use um fo do ony his jobs. 17 He goin take ten percent a yoa sheeps an goats. An he even goin make you guys come his slave guys. 18 Da time goin come wen you guys goin yell to Da One In Charge, fo help you run away from da king dat you guys wen pick, but wen dat time come, Da One In Charge no goin help you guys!”
19 But da peopo no like lissen Samuel. Dey tell, “Nah! Not! No way! Us guys swea to God, we like one king fo lead us guys! 20 Den we goin come jalike da odda peopos, wit one king fo judge us guys, an go out in front us guys fo fight fo us guys.”
21 Wen Samuel hear all dat da peopo tell, he go tell Da One In Charge. 22 Da One In Charge tell Samuel, “Lissen to dem an give um one king.”
Den Samuel tell da Israel guys, “Kay den. Now you can go back yoa town awready.”

8:5 8:5: Rules2 17:14