Samuel Pour Olive Oil On Top Saul Head
Den Samuel take some olive oil dat he get inside one small clay kine pitcha, an pour um on top Saul head, an he kiss Saul on his face. Samuel tell, “Da One In Charge wen pick you fo come da leada ova his peopo, you know. Wen you go way from me today, you goin meet two guys nea da grave wea Rachel stay bury, by Zelzah, on da borda fo da Benjamin land. Dey goin tell you, ‘Da donkeys you wen go out fo find, somebody find um awready. Now yoa faddah pau tink bout da donkeys, an he worry bout you. He stay aks, “Wat I goin do bout my boy? Wea he stay?” ’
“Den you goin go from dea, till you go by da big oak tree Tabor side. Three guys dat go up fo make sacrifice fo God Bethel side, dey goin meet you ova dea. One guy get three young goats wit him, anodda guy get three breads, an anodda guy get one sew up goat skin bag wit wine inside. Dey goin tell you howzit, an fo shua dey goin give you two breads. An you suppose to take um.
“Afta dat you goin go by Gibeah, God place. Get some Filisha army guys camp dea too. Wen you go nea da town, you goin meet some guys dat talk fo God dat stay come down from da sacrifice place on top da hill. Dey stay wit some odda guys dat stay play small harps, tammorines, flutes, an bass harps in front dem. An da talka guys goin stay talk fo God. Da Spirit from Da One In Charge goin take ova you wit powa, an you goin talk fo God jalike dem, an God goin change you so you come one diffren kine guy. Wen all dese tings happen, dat goin show I tell you da trut. So do wateva you figga az good fo do! Cuz God goin stay wit you.
“Go down by Gilgal befo I go dea. I goin come by you fo shua, fo make da burn up kine sacrifices an da sacrifices dat show dat Da One In Charge an da peopo stay good wit each odda. But you gotta wait seven days till I come by you fo tell you wat fo do.”
Samuel Make Saul Come Da King
Wen Samuel turn aroun fo go, God change Saul heart, an eryting Samuel wen tell, happen dat same day. 10 Wen dey come Gibeah side, right den an dea some guys dat talk fo God meet Saul. Da Spirit from God take ova Saul wit powa, an he start fo talk fo God, jalike dem. 11 Wen all da peopo dat know Saul befo time see dat, dey come shock cuz now he stay talk fo God, cuz he neva do dat befoa. Dey tell, “Wassup?! Wat wen happen to Kish boy? So now! Fo real Saul come one a da guys dat talk fo God too, o wat?!”
12  10:12: 1Sam 19:23-24One guy dat live ova dea tell, “An who da faddah fo dose guys dat talk fo God?”
So den erybody start fo tell each odda, “Saul one guy dat talk fo God too, o wat?” 13 Afta Saul pau talk fo God, he go up da hill to da place wea da peopo make sacrifice.
14 Bumbye, Saul uncle aks him an da worka guy, “Wea you guys wen go?”
Saul tell, “Us wen go look fo da donkeys. But wen we no can find um, we go by Samuel.”
15 Saul uncle aks, “Tell me wat Samuel wen tell you guys.”
16 Saul tell, “He tell us fo shua, somebody wen find da donkeys awready.” But Saul neva tell his uncle dat Samuel tell dat he goin come da king.
17 Den Samuel tell da Israel peopo fo come togedda in front Da One In Charge Mizpah side. 18 He tell um, “Dis wat Da One In Charge, da God fo da Israel peopo, tell: ‘I wen get you guys outa trouble from da Egypt peopo. Was me! I wen bring you Israel peopo ova hea outa Egypt. An, I wen get you guys outa trouble one mo time from all da odda peopos dat put presha on you guys.’ 19 But now, you guys tell, no way you goin lissen me, yoa God. I da One dat wen get you guys outa trouble from all da bad kine stuff dat make you guys come bum out. You guys stay tell me, ‘Nah! Mo betta you put one king ova us guys!’ So now, line up in front Da One In Charge wit yoa families. Put yoa big an small kine ohanas togedda.”
20 Wen Samuel bring all da Israel ohanas nea him, God pick da Benjamin ohana. 21 Den Samuel bring da Benjamin ohana in front, one blood line an den anodda. An from dem, God pick da Matri ohana. An wen God pau, he pick Saul, Kish boy. But wen dey go look fo Saul, dey no can find him. 22 So dey aks Da One In Charge one mo time, “Dat guy come hea yet?”
Da One In Charge tell, “Yeah, he stay. He wen hide ova dea wea da peopo put dea stuffs.”
23 Da peopo run an bring Saul from ova dea. An wen he stan wit da peopo aroun him, he even mo tall den all da odda peopo, cuz dea head ony come up his shouldas! 24 Samuel tell all da peopo, “You guys see dat guy dat Da One In Charge wen pick? From all da peopo, no mo nobody jalike him!”
Den da peopo yell, “Yeah! Us like da king stay alive long time!”
25 Samuel tell da peopo wat da rules bout da king mean. He write um down on top one roll up papyrus kine paypa, an put dat paypa inside da Tent in front Da One In Charge. Den Samuel tell da peopo go back home.
26 Saul go home too, Gibeah side. Some strong guys dat know how fo fight go wit him, cuz God wen take ova dem an make dem like fo help Saul.
27 But had some mean buggahs wit attitude. Dey tell, “No way dis guy goin get us outa trouble!” An dey ack jalike Saul junk, an dey no bring present fo him notting. But Saul no say notting.

10:12 10:12: 1Sam 19:23-24