Paul See Someting Jalike One Dream
I still gotta talk big, even if poho fo talk lidat. I gotta tell bout da stuff I wen see dass jalike one dream, an wat Da One In Charge wen show me. I know one guy dat stay tight wit Christ. Fourteen year ago somebody wen bring him up inside da mos high part a da sky. I donno if he wen stay inside his body o outside his body, but God know. I know dat guy fo shua, no matta he inside o outside his body, somebody wen take him up dea inside God Beautiful Place. He wen hear stuff dass too awesome fo talk bout, stuff dat nobody know how fo talk bout. I goin talk big bout one guy jalike him, but I no goin talk big bout me. Ony da kine stuff I no can handle, I goin talk big bout dat. Even wen I like talk big, dass not stupid, you know, cuz I ony tell da trut. But I no goin talk big fo somebody tink I mo betta den how peopo see me ack, o hear wat I tell, o hear all da awesome stuff God wen show me. But fo me no get one big head, I get one ting dat stay jalike one messenja from Satan. Hurt jalike one sharp thorn inside my body. Dat ting make me suffa plenny. Three time awready I wen beg Da One In Charge fo take dis ting away from me. But he tell me, “I do plenny good tings fo you, an dass all you need. My powa mo strong inside you wen you no can handle trouble wit da powa you get.” Az why I goin talk big even moa, cuz get plenny stuff I no can handle. Dass how Christ powa goin stay wit me. 10 So den, no bodda me. I still stay good inside, wen I no can handle, wen peopo try make me come shame, wen I get hard time, wen peopo make me suffa, an wen I get plenny presha. All dis stuff happen cuz me, I one Christ Guy. Wen I no can handle, den I get da powa fo handle cuz a him!
Paul Tink Bout His Braddahs An Sistahs Inside Corint
11 You guys wen ack jalike God neva sen me. Dass why I wen talk lolo kine. But den, mo betta you guys talk good bout me. No matta I notting, dese supa guys dat tell God wen sen dem, dey not mo betta den me. 12 Erytime God sen one guy fo tell peopo bout him, da guy do awesome an unreal stuff wit powa fo show proof God wen sen um. Fo shua, I wen do all dat wen I wen stay wit you guys, an I wen hang in dea fo you guys. 13 Get ony one ting I neva let you guys do dat da church guys from odda places wen do: I neva bodda you guys fo let you kokua me. So no stay mad at me if dass wrong.
14 Eh, dis da numba three time I stay ready fo go by you guys. I no need you guys fo kokua me. I no need da stuffs you guys get, but I ony need you guys. You know, da kids not suppose to stash stuffs fo dea muddah an faddah guys, but da muddah an faddah guys suppose to stash stuffs fo dea kids. So I no need you guys fo stash stuffs fo me cuz you guys jalike my kids! 15 An you know, I like give wateva I like give to you guys, an I like give up wateva I like give up fo you guys live too. If I get plenny love an aloha fo you guys, you tink dat mean you goin get ony litto bit love an aloha fo me, o wat? 16 But you guys know dis: I neva bodda you guys notting. But den you guys wen tink, I one sly buggah, an wen bulai you guys! 17 You tink I wen sen odda guys fo rip you guys off, o wat? 18 I wen tell Titus fo go by you guys, an I wen sen da odda braddah wit him. An den, you tink Titus wen rip you guys off? No ways! Me an Titus, us guys do da same kine tings cuz we tink da same way, you know.
19 Eh, maybe you guys stay tink we ony talk lidis fo look good, aah? Eryting us guys tell, God know, cuz we no can hide notting from him, an us stay tight wit Christ. We get plenny love an aloha fo you guys. Az why eryting us guys stay do, we do um fo make you guys come mo strong inside. 20 I sked dat wen I come ova dea, maybe I goin see you guys no stay live how I like you stay live. I sked you guys goin squawk at each odda, stay jealous, stay huhu, ony tink bout you, talk any kine bout each odda, talk bad bout odda guys, get big head, an eryting goin be hamajang. An maybe you guys goin see dat I no stay how you guys like see me too. 21 I sked dat wen I come ova dea, God goin make me come plenny shame in front you guys. Maybe I goin make plenny peopo stay real sad inside. Az cuz get plenny guys dat wen do da bad kine stuff befo time, an still yet dey not sorry. Dey neva like change how dey ack notting. Dey stay pilau inside. Dey fool aroun. Dey like make any kine to anybody an no shame.