Da Stick Fo Walk Come One Snake
Moses tell, “But eh! Wat if da leada guys no trus me o no lissen wat I tell! Wat if dey figga, ‘Nah! Da One In Charge, he neva let you see um!’ Den wat?”
Da One In Charge tell, “Eh! Wat dat ting inside yoa hand?”
Moses tell, “One stick fo walk.” God tell, “Throw um down on top da groun.” Wen Moses throw um down, da stick come one snake! Moses come sked an run away from da snake.
Den Da One In Charge tell um, “Reach ova dea an grab da tail.” Moses grab um, an da snake come one stick fo walk one mo time right dea inside his hand! Da One In Charge tell, “You goin do dis fo help da Israel peopo know fo real kine dat me, Da One In Charge, wen show up in front you, an dat I da same God dat yoa ancesta guys wen pray to, da God fo Abraham, Isaac, an Jacob.”
Moses Hand Get Lepa All Ova
Nex, Da One In Charge tell Moses, “Put yoa hand inside yoa shirt.” Moses put his hand inside his shirt, an wen he pull um out, eh! Get one bad kine sick all ova da skin dat odda guys can catch an white jalike snow!
Den God tell, “Now, put yoa hand inside yoa shirt one mo time.” Moses put his hand back inside da shirt. Wen he pull um out, da skin come back regula kine, jalike his regula skin. God tell um, “No matta dey no trus wat you tell afta dey see you grab da snake, an he come one stick, fo shua dey goin trus you afta dey see yoa hand dat get da sores come out good. If dey no trus you still yet, afta you show um da two spesho sign, an if dey no like lissen you still yet, go get watta outa da Nile Riva, an pour um on top da dry groun. Dat watta dat you take outa da Nile Riva, wen you pour um on top da groun goin come blood dea.”
Not Easy Fo Moses Talk
10 Moses tell Da One In Charge, “Eh! Da One In Charge, try help me! I not da kine guy fo know how fo talk real good. From small kid time till now, you stay tell stuff to me, yoa worka guy. But still yet, fo me, az hard fo talk, an I no can talk real good. You know wat I mean?”
11 Da One In Charge tell Moses, “Try tink! Who wen make peopo fo dem talk, o no can talk? Who wen make peopo fo dem see good, o no see good? Was me, Da One In Charge, wen do all dat! 12 Go now. Do wat I tell you fo do. Weneva you gotta talk, I goin help yoa mout. I goin teach you wat you gotta tell.”
13 But Moses tell, “Try help me, you Da One In Charge! Sen somebody you like fo do da work, but no sen me!”
14 Den Da One In Charge come huhu wit Moses. He tell Moses, “Wat bout yoa braddah guy Aaron, da leada guy fo da Levi ohana? I know easy fo him fo talk good. Right now he stay come from Egypt awready fo meet you. Wen he see you, he goin feel real good inside. 15 You goin talk to yoa braddah an tell um wat he suppose to tell. I goin help you an him talk good, an I goin teach you guys wat you goin do. 16 Aaron goin be da guy dat talk fo you fo talk to da peopo. He goin be jalike da mout fo you, an you goin talk to him jalike you God, but az me. 17 An no foget yoa stick fo walk. Make shua you carry um wit you cuz you goin use um fo do awesome kine tings fo show you know God.”
Moses Go Back Egypt Side
18 Moses, he go back by Jetro, his faddah-in-law. Moses tell Jetro, “Eh, I like go back by my ohana guys Egypt side fo check out how dey stay.”
Jetro tell Moses, “Go. I like eryting go good fo you.”
19 Da One In Charge tell Moses, “Go from hea now. Go back Egypt side. Cuz all da guys dat wen like kill you befo time, dey mahke awready.” 20 So Moses take his wife an his boys, an put um on top one donkey. Moses start fo go back Egypt side, an he carry da stick fo walk wit him dat God wen use.
21 Den Da One In Charge tell Moses, “Wen you get back dea Egypt side, make shua you show um all da awesome proofs dat I wen give you da powa fo do. Do um in front da Pharaoh guy. But I goin make him come hard head, so he no goin let go da peopo. 22 Wen dat happen, you tell da Pharaoh guy, ‘Dis wat Da Boss, Da One In Charge, tell: Da Israel peopo, dey jalike dey my numba one boy. 23  4:23: Outa 12:29I tell you dis awready, “Let go da Israel peopo, cuz dey spesho jalike dey my numba one boy fo dem pray to me.” But you tell, you no goin let um go. Kay den, yoa numba one boy, I goin kill him.’ ”
Moses Wife Get Problem Wit Moses
24 One nite, Moses an his ohana wen stop one place nite time fo go sleep. Da One In Charge meet dem ova dea, an he go by Moses an almos kill um. 25 But Moses wife Zipporah, she take one knife, da kine dey make from flint kine rock, an right den an dea she cut skin her boy. She take da small piece skin she wen cut off, an touch Moses feet wit um, an tell um, “If I neva cut skin jalike God wen tell Abraham fo do, an get blood all ova, I no mo husban!” 26 Afta dat, Da One In Charge leave Moses alone. From dat time, Moses wife stay figga bout da cut skin. She tink, “Dis husban! He like make me get blood all ova!”
27 Dat time, Da One In Charge tell Aaron, “Go da boonies fo meet Moses.” So Aaron go. He find Moses nea da Mountain Wea God Stay, an Aaron kiss Moses. 28 Den Moses tell Aaron eryting bout all da stuff dat Da One In Charge sen Moses fo tell, an all da awesome proofs dat God tell um he gotta show.
Da Older Leadas Lissen Wat Moses Tell
29 From dea, Moses an Aaron hele on back to Egypt. Wen dey get dea, dey tell all da older leada guys fo da Israel peopo fo come togedda. 30 Aaron tell da leada guys eryting Da One In Charge wen tell Moses. An Moses, he show all da peopo da proof dat God wen give um fo dem see um. 31 Wen da peopo see dat, dey trus Moses. Now dey know dat Da One In Charge see how plenny dey suffa, an dat he start fo do good tings fo da Israel peopo. Right den an dea dey go down on dea knees fo show God love an respeck.

4:23 4:23: Outa 12:29