God Kill Da Peopo Dat Go Down
In Front Da Idol Kine Gods
Den Da One In Charge yell loud fo give dem one orda, an I wen hear, “Tell da security guard guys fo Jerusalem town fo come hea. Wateva dey use fo kill peopo, tell um fo bring um ova hea!” An ho! six guys come from da mauka gate dat go da north side. An all dem get one club in dea hand fo bus up peopo. An in da middo get anodda guy wit linen kine clotheses. On his side, he get one box wit pen an ink inside. Dey come inside an stan nex to da bronze altar.
An den da strong light from da awesome God fo da Israel peopo go up. Befo dat, da light stay ova da living tings. Da light go by wea da inside part a da Temple start, by da door. Den Da One In Charge go call out to da guy wit da linen kine clotheses, da one dat get da pen an ink box. 9:4: JShow 7:3; 9:4; 14:1Da One In Charge tell him, “Go all ova Jerusalem town. Go find all da peopo dat stay make sad kine noise an stay crying cuz dey sore inside from all da pilau kine stuff erybody stay do ova dea. Go make one mark on top dem. Put um on top dea forehead.”
Da One In Charge tell da odda guys someting. I hear dem. He tell, “Go follow da guy wit da box. He goin go inside Jerusalem. Go kill erybody ova dea. No pity dem. No hold back. Kill ol guys, young guys, teenage girls, kids an wahines. But all da guys dat get da mark on dem, stay away from dem. Da firs place you go, go da spesho place dass fo ony me.” So da firs peopo dey kill goin be da older leada guys dat stay in front da Temple.
Den he tell dem, “Make da Temple pilau. Kill peopo till no mo room fo all da mahke bodies inside da open lanai fo da Temple. An den go outside.” So dey go an kill peopo inside Jerusalem town. Wen dey stay kill da peopo, ony me was inside da Temple. I go down an put my face on top da groun. I yell, “Eh Boss! You Da One In Charge! I no can handle all dis! I know you real huhu wit da Israel peopo. But you goin kill all da Jerusalem peopo dat still stay alive, o wat?”
Da One In Charge tell me, “Da Israel peopo an da Judah peopo do real plenny bad kine stuff. Get plenny peopo dat wen bleed an mahke all ova Israel an Judah. An da judges all ova Jerusalem town no judge da right way, so dey let da killa guys go erytime. Da Israel peopo an da Judah peopo tell, ‘Da One In Charge wen bag from dis land. Da One In Charge, he no see wass happening!’ 10 So me Da One In Charge, I no goin pity dem o let um go. I goin make shua bad kine stuff goin happen to dem cuz a all da bad kine stuff dey do.”
11 An ho! da guy wit da linen kine clotheses, da one dat get da pen an ink box, he come back. He tell, “I do eryting you wen tell me fo do.”

9:4 9:4: JShow 7:3; 9:4; 14:1