Christ Let Us Go
Christ let us go fo us no gotta do wat da Rules tell fo get um right wit God. Cuz a dat, hang in dea an stay strong. No let dem buggahs pile up all kine rules on top you guys one mo time.
Lissen up! Dis me Paul. I stay talking to you guys. If you guys let dem cut yoa skin on yoa private part fo make you guys come Jews, cuz dey tell you guys dat you goin get um right wit God cuz you do dat, den Christ no goin help you guys, notting. Now I goin tell erybody one mo time: Whoeva cut skin fo dem get um right wit God, dey gotta do eryting da Rules tell fo come good. You guys dat like do wat da Rules tell fo get um right wit God, you guys wen split up from Christ. An cuz you do dat, you no goin get all da good stuff he like do fo you guys. Us guys not like you guys. We trus God. Dass why we wait fo him make us get um right wit him cuz we know dat God Spirit goin help us. Wen us stay tight wit Jesus Christ, no matta us cut skin o no cut skin, main ting, we gotta trus God, an show plenny love an aloha fo God an odda peopo.
Befo time, you guys stay do real good. Who wen throw you guys off fo you no lissen da trut? Da kine stuff you guys lissen now, dat no come from Da One In Charge cuz he wen tell you guys fo come by him an come his guys. 5:9: 1Cor 5:6Da kine stuff da odda ones teach, dat start small an den come big an jam up you guys, jalike litto bit yeast inside da bread dough make da whole bread come big. 10 Cuz I trus Da One In Charge, I stay shua dat you guys no goin tink anodda way. But da buggahs dat stay bodda you guys, God goin punish dem, no matta who dem.
11 Eh, my braddahs an sistahs, wat if I teach dat us gotta cut skin? Dat no goin bodda nobody cuz den Jesus neva need mahke on top da cross. So if I wen teach lidat, how come dem buggahs make me suffa? Az cuz I stay teach dat Jesus wen mahke fo peopo fo get um right wit God. An dat bodda dem buggahs. 12 Dem buggahs dat stay bodda you guys fo cut skin, I like fo dem go all da way fo cut off dea own botos too!
13 Eh, my braddahs an sistahs, God let you guys go, but dat no mean you get da right fo make any kine how you like. Mo betta, kokua each odda cuz you guys get plenny love an aloha fo each odda. 14  5:14: Pries 19:18Da Bible tell, “Get love an aloha fo da odda guy, jalike you get love an aloha fo you.” If you guys do dat, den you goin do eryting da Rules From God tell you fo do. 15 But if you guys go beef each odda, an eat up each odda jalike wild animals, den watch out, cuz you guys goin make each odda come wipe out.
Wat Da Spirit Do
An Wat Da Body Do
16 But I like tell you guys dis: Stay tight wit God Spirit, an you guys no goin do da bad kine stuff yoa body tell you fo do. 17  5:17: Rome 7:15-23Cuz God Spirit tell “Laytas” to da kine stuff yoa body tell you fo do, an da body tell “Laytas” to da kine stuff God Spirit like you fo do. Dey stay agains each odda. Az why you guys no can do da kine stuff you like fo do. 18 So if you guys lissen God Spirit, den you guys no gotta do wat da Rules tell you fo do fo get um right wit God. 19 Erybody know dat peopo do bad kine stuff dea body tell um fo do. Dey like do um cuz dass how dey stay. Dey like fool aroun wit somebody, even anodda guy wife o husban. Dey do any kine pilau stuff dea body tell um fo do an no shame. 20 Dey go down an pray in front da idol kine gods. Dey put kahuna on top odda peopo. Dey hate odda peopo. Dey make argue. Dey no like if da odda guy mo importan den dem. Dey get huhu. Dey ony tink bout wass good fo dem. Dey erytime tink diffren an like split up oua braddahs an sistahs. 21 Dey like get da odda guy stuffs. Dey erytime party up an get piloot, an do all dat pilau kine stuff. I stay tell you guys, jalike I wen tell you befo time, da peopo dat make lidat, dey no goin get God fo be dea King.
22 But if us stay tight wit God Spirit, he give us plenny love an aloha fo erybody. He make us stay real good inside. He help us so notting bodda us. He help us guys hang in dea wit odda peopo long time. He help us tink good bout eryting, an like do good kine stuff fo peopo. He help us fo do wat we promise fo do. 23 He help us make nice to peopo an do um wit one good heart. He help us fo hold back wen we gotta hold back. No mo rules dat tell you dat you no can do all dat kine stuff I wen jus tell you. 24 Erybody dat stay Jesus Christ guys, dey no goin do all kine bad kine stuff dea body tell um fo do cuz dass how dey stay. Jalike dey wen put all dat kine stuff on top da cross wit Jesus Christ. Den dat stuff no goin get powa ova dem no moa. 25 If we stay tight wit God Spirit, den we erytime gotta let him stay in charge a us. 26 No get big head. No try make da odda guy like beef. No try be mo betta den da odda guy.

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