Da King Do Da Right Kine Stuff
Fo make shua eryting stay right,
Goin get one king stay in charge.
He goin get odda leada guys
Dat goin judge da right way too.
Da king goin be da kine guy
Dat goin be jalike one place
Fo da peopo hide
From da strong wind o da rain,
So no can wack um.
He goin help da peopo fo res,
Jalike one watta ditch inside one dry place,
An jalike one big rock
Dat make one big shadow
In da place wea no mo watta.
Dat time, da peopo dat can see,
Dea eyes no goin stay shut.
An da peopo dat can hear,
Dey goin lissen good.
Da guys dat talk befo dey tink,
Dey goin know an undastan stuff.
Da guys dat no can talk good,
Dey no goin take long time fo talk,
An goin come out good wat dey tell.
Dat time, da stupid kine guys
Dat ack jalike God no matta,
Nobody goin tell dey get one good heart
Fo help peopo.
Da guys dat bulai erybody,
Nobody goin get respeck fo dem.
Cuz da stupid kine guys
Dat ack jalike God no matta,
Dey talk stupid kine stuff.
Dey tink plenny bout how fo make trouble.
Az why, wateva God like, dey no like um.
Az why dey teach
Da wrong kine stuff bout Da One In Charge.
Az why dey make shua
Da hungry guy no get notting fo eat,
An dey no let da guy dat stay thirsty
Get notting fo drink.
Da guys dat fool erybody,
Eryting dey do, stay bad.
Dey make one plan fo do real bad kine stuff.
Az how come dey bulai
Da peopo dat no mo notting
Fo wipe dem out,
No matta da peopo dat fo real kine need stuff
Even wen dey get um right in front da judge.
But da guys dat get one good heart fo help peopo,
Dey make one real kine plan fo help um.
Dey stay solid,
Cuz dey plan fo do good tings.
Da Wahines Inside Jerusalem Town
Eh, you wahines dat no stay worry bout notting!
Stan up an lissen wat I stay tell you!
You daughtahs stay shua notting goin hurt you,
Lissen wat I get fo tell you.
10 In litto mo den one year,
You guys dat stay shua notting goin hurt you,
You goin shake an come sked.
Cuz no goin get no mo grapes fo harves,
An no goin get fruit fo harves.
11 Shake an come sked
You wahines dat no give a rip bout notting.
Shake an come sked
You daughtahs dat stay shua notting goin hurt you.
Take off yoa clotheses
An put burmbag cloth aroun yoa wais
Fo show you stay sad an crying.
12 Pound yoa ches an cry, all you peopo,
Cuz no mo da nice looking fields
An da grape plants wit plenny fruit
Dat you guys wen get befo time.
13 Cry fo my peopo land
Dat ony get thorns an thorn bush stay growing!
Cry fo all da house wea erybody
Wen dance an sing
An fo da town wea dey get plenny party befo time!
14 Erybody goin go way from da palace
An leave da big town
Dat wen get plenny noise befo time.
Da hill wit da strong wall an da towas
Goin get pukas an caves inside.
Da wild donkeys goin like live dea
Cuz no mo peopo,
An da goats goin get food fo eat ova dea.
15 Eryting goin stay lidat
Till da Spirit from da sky come
An take charge us guys.
Dat time, da place wea nobody live,
Goin get fields wea plenny stuff grow.
Da field wea peopo tink plenny stuff grow now,
Dat time dey goin tink,
Look jalike one fores.
16 Da places wea nobody live,
Goin get peopo dea,
An judges dat judge da right way.
Da field wea plenny stuff grow,
Goin get peopo dea,
Dat do wass right erytime.
17 An cuz peopo stay do wass right,
Dat goin make tings come good fo erybody.
An wen dey stay do wass right
Dey goin stay quiet an trus God all da time.
18 My peopo goin stay inside places
Wea eryting come good fo dem.
Dey goin live inside places
Wea dey can stay shua notting bad goin happen,
Places wea dey goin res
An no need worry bout notting.
19 No matta get hail
Dat make all da trees fall down,
An all da buildings inside da big town fall down,
20 Afta dat, you guys goin stay feel good inside,
Wen you plant yoa seed nea ery stream
An let yoa cows an donkey go all ova.