Da Guy Dat Make Clay Pots
(Rome 9:21)
Dis anodda message fo Jeremiah from Da One In Charge: “Go down by da house a da guy dat make clay pots. Wen you get dea, I goin tell you someting.” So I go down by da house a da guy dat make clay pots. I see he stay work wit da wheel fo make pots. But kapulu da way he make dis pot wit his hands, so he make one diffren pot wit da same wet clay, da way he tink mo betta.
Den Da One In Charge give me dis message: “You Israel peopo, how come you guys tink I no can make wit you guys jalike dis guy make wit da clay pot?! Fo me, you guys jalike da clay dis guy use fo make clay pots wit his hands. If bumbye I tell dat I goin pull out one peopo o one king an his peopo from da land, an wipe um out, an if dose peopo dat I tell, change an come sorry fo da bad kine stuff dey wen do, an no do um no moa, den I goin tink diffren, an I no goin do to dem all da bad kine stuff dat I wen plan fo do to dem befoa.
“An if anodda time I tell dat I goin make one peopo o one king an his peopo come strong, 10 but if dey start fo do bad kine stuff da way I see um, an no lissen wat I tell, den I goin tink one mo time bout if I goin do da good tings dat I wen tell I was goin do befo time.
11 “Az why you gotta tell all dis to all da Judah peopo an da Jerusalem peopo: ‘Dis da message from Da One In Charge: Watch out! I da One stay make ready all da bad kine stuff goin happen to you guys. I da One stay make one plan agains you guys. All you guys betta not do da bad kine stuff no moa, an betta change how all you guys ack.’ 12 But da peopo goin tell: ‘Laytas wit dat! All us guys goin do wat us like do! All us guys hard head an no mo one good heart, an we goin stay lidat!’ ”
13 Az why Da One In Charge tell dis:
“Aks all da peopos,
You guys hear somebody talk lidis, o wat?!
Da Israel peopo, I get love an aloha fo dem, jalike dey my wahine,
But now, dey do one real real bad kine ting.
14 You tink da snow eva go way from da mountain cliffs inside Lebanon?! No way!
You tink da cold watta ova dea come from far away, eva come notting?! Not even!
15 But my peopo, dey not like da watta from da mountains!
Dey no give a rip bout me.
Dey burn incense fo da idol kine gods dat no can do notting.
No matta da idol kine gods make my peopo
Fall down from da good roads dat stay from long time.
Da idol kine gods make dem go walk on top
Da small kine trails dat nobody build um good.
16 Odda peopo goin bus up dea land.
Odda peopo goin come shock erytime dey see um.
Erybody dat go by dea goin come bum out.
Dey goin shake dea heads cuz all bus up da land.
17 I goin make dem go all ova da place
In front da peopo dat stay agains dem,
Jalike one wind from da dry boonies throw dirt all ova da place.
I goin make deaf ear to dem
Wen time fo wipe dem out.”
Da Peopo Make Plan
Fo Kill Jeremiah
18 Some peopo tell: “Eh come! We go make one plan fo kill Jeremiah. Dat way, we not goin throw out da rules da pries guys teach, o throw out wat da guys dat know wat fo do erytime tell us fo do, o throw out da tings da guys dat talk fo God tell. So we goin poin finga Jeremiah an tell wat he do wrong. We no goin lissen him notting!”
19 I tell: “You Da One In Charge, lissen me!
Lissen wat da guys dat poin finga me stay tell!
20 You goin do good kine tings fo dem
Wen dey stay do bad kine tings fo me, Jeremiah, o wat?!
Jalike dey dig one big hole fo kill me.
No foget dat I wen stan in front you
An aks you fo do good kine tings fo dem,
So you no stay huhu wit dem.
21 So make dea kids mahke cuz no mo food!
Let dem get kill in da war!
Make dea wifes come widows
An lose dea kids too!
Make dea guys mahke from da real bad kine sick!
Kill dea young guys wit swords wen dey go war!
22 Wen you bring army guys dea
An dey donno dey stay coming,
Let peopo hear dem scream fo help from inside dea house!
Dey dig one big hole fo catch me
An dey hide traps fo catch my feets.
23 But you, Da One In Charge, you know all dea plans fo kill me.
No let dem go cuz a da wrong tings dey do!
Make dem so dey no can stay tight wit you
Wen dey get da blame fo do wat stay wrong.
No foget da bad kine stuff dey do in front you!
Make um fall down in front you!
Make to dem how you like wen you stay real huhu!”