Jonah Pray To God
Wen Jonah stay inside da fish, he pray to God, Da One In Charge.
He tell:
“Wen I presha out to da max,
I wen yell out to you, Da One In Charge, fo help me,
An you help me.
“Wen I stay inside da fish opu
Was jalike inside da place wea da mahke peopo stay.
I yell fo help,
An you wen lissen me.
Was jalike I stay inside da middo a da Mahke Peopo Place.
You throw me down inside one real deep place
Inside da middo a da ocean.
Da watta come all aroun me.
All da surf an big wave dat you sen go ova me.
I figga lidis: ‘God, he wen throw me out!
He make me go wea he no can see me!
But still yet, I goin see one mo time
Da Temple dass spesho fo God!’
Da watta wen come ova me an I almos mahke!
Da deep watta come all aroun me.
An da seaweed wrap aroun my head.
I go down to wea da mountains stan,
On top da ocean bottom.
Jalike I go down to da Mahke Peopo Place,
Dat get one lock fo keep me inside,
An I no can go outside, eva!
But you, you da God I pray to, Da One In Charge!
You wen bring me up outa da grave,
An I alive still yet!
“Wen I feel jalike I goin stay alive ony litto bit moa,
I tink plenny bout you cuz you Da One In Charge.
I wen pray hard fo you help me
Ova dea wea you stay
Inside da Temple dass spesho fo you.
Whoeva go down in front
Da good fo notting idol kine gods,
Dey no like stay tight wit you.
An dey tell ‘Laytas!’ fo you stay tight wit dem.
But me, I like make one sacrifice fo you bumbye,
An sing an tell you dat you da greates!
Da ting I wen promise you dat I goin do,
I goin do um!
Cuz you Da One In Charge,
An you da One wen get me outa trouble!”
10 Den God tell da big fish bahf up Jonah on top da beach.