Dey Wipe Out Ai Town
Den Da One In Charge tell Joshua, “No sked! No come all bum out! Take all da army guys wit you, an go afta da peopo inside Ai town, an make war agains dem. Cuz I goin give you guys da peopo ova dea, dea king, his town, an his land. You guys goin make to da Ai peopo an dea king jalike you wen do to da Jericho peopo an dea king. But dis time, az okay fo you guys take all dea stuff an dea animals fo you guys. Go hide behind da town an get ready fo fight dem.”
So Joshua an all da army guys go out fo attack Ai town. He pick 30,000 a da bestes guys fo fight. He sen um out nite time. He tell dem, “Lissen up! Go hide behind Ai town, an make ready fo attack um. No go far from Ai town. All you guys gotta watch out an get ready. Me an da guys wit me goin go nea da town. Wen dey come out fo fight us, jalike dey wen do da firs time, we goin run away from dem. Dey goin come out afta us guys, till we take dem away from da town. Cuz dey goin figga, ‘Eh, dose guys stay run away from us like befo time.’ But you guys, wen we run away from dem, you goin stan up an come outa wea you stay hide. You goin take ova Ai town. Yoa God Da One In Charge goin give you guys da town. Wen you guys take ova da town, make one big fire fo burn um down. Do eryting jalike Da One In Charge wen tell you guys fo do um. Dass my orda fo you guys.”
Den Joshua sen dem out, an da army guys go da place wea dey suppose to hide. Az in da middo, wit Bethel town one side an Ai town da odda side. But Joshua stay wit da odda army guys dat nite.
10 Early da nex morning, Joshua line up da army guys. Him an da leada guys fo Israel march in front da army guys, an go Ai. 11 All da army guys wit Joshua march up by Ai town. Dey make camp da north side a da town. Get one valley in da middo nea da town. 12 Da 5,000 army guys Joshua take, dey go hide inside da valley, inside da middo, da west side a Ai, wit Bethel da odda side. 13 So dey put da main army guys from da camp, da north side a Ai. Dey put da guys dat stay hide, da west side. Dat nite, Joshua go in da valley.
14 Wen da Ai king see dat, him an all da army guys from da town get up early an go out fas morning time fo fight da Israel guys, one place wea can see da Jordan valley. But he neva know dat get Israel guys stay hide behind da town. 15 Joshua an all da Israel guys run fas, jalike dey goin go da boonies, fo make da Ai guys figga dey stay win. 16 Da Ai guys yell to all dea guys from da town fo come chase da Israel guys. So dey all go chase Joshua guys, an go way from da town. 17 No mo guys stay back inside Ai an Bethel. Dey all go outa da town an chase da Israel guys. So da town stay open.
18 Den Da One In Charge tell Joshua, “Put out yoa hand an poin yoa spear to Ai! Cuz I goin give you guys Ai town.” So Joshua poin his spear to Ai. 19 Right den an dea wen Joshua poin his spear, da guys dat stay hide get up from wea dey stay an run quick. Dey go fas inside Ai town an take um ova. Dey burn down da town.
20 Da Ai guys look back an see da smoke from dea town go up inside da sky! But dey no can get outa dea, cuz da Israel guys dat run away, turn aroun fo fight da ones dat stay chase dem. 21 Joshua an da Israel guys see dat da odda guys dat wen hide, take ova da town, an da town stay burn. So da guys dat wen take ova da town, turn aroun fight da Ai guys too. 22 Da guys dat wen hide befo, come out from da town fo fight, so da Ai guys stay dea in da middo. Get Israel guys behind um an in front um! Az how da Israel guys wipe dem out. No mo no Ai guys stay alive. 23 But da Ai king stay alive, an dey catch him, an bring him by Joshua.
24 Da Israel guys kill all da Ai guys wit swords in da fields an in da boonies wea dey chase dem. Den da Israel guys go back Ai an kill erybody dat still yet stay inside dea. 25 Twelve tousan guys an wahines wen mahke dat day! Az all da peopo from Ai. 26 An Joshua neva put down his hand wit da spear, till dey kill all da peopo from Ai. 27 Den da Israel peopo take da animals an da stuffs from da town jalike Da One In Charge wen tell Joshua fo do.
28 Az how Joshua dem burn Ai an make um one small hill wit ony rocks an junk—one place wea nobody can live. 29 Dey kill da Ai king. Dey put one sharp pos thru his body an stick da pos in da groun. Stay dea till almos dark. Wen da sun go down, Joshua tell his guys fo take down da body an throw um by da gate fo da town. Den dey put big stack rocks on top um, an da rocks stay ova dea still yet.
Joshua Copy Da Rules One Mo Time
30  8:30: Rules2 27:2-8Dat time Joshua make one altar fo Da One In Charge, da God fo da Israel peopo, on top Mount Ebal. 31  8:31: Outa 20:25He do jalike Moses, Da One In Charge worka guy, wen tell da Israel peopo wat fo do. He make um jalike da Book dat get da Rules from Moses tell: one altar from rocks dat nobody cut an neva use iron tool fo make um. On top da altar dey make burn up kine sacrifices fo Da One In Charge, an sacrifices fo show dat Da One In Charge an da guy dat bring da sacrifice, stay good wit each odda. 32 Right dea in front all da Israel peopo, Joshua make one copy on top some stones. He write da Rules dat Moses wen write, on top da stones. 33  8:33: Rules2 11:29; 27:11-14All da Israel peopo come togedda—peopo from anodda place an peopo born from da Israel peopo, an dea older leadas, dea odda leadas, an dea judges. Dey stan da two sides a da Box Fo No Foget Da Deal Da One In Charge Wen Make. Dey face da pries guys from da Levi ohana dat carry da Box. Get peopo from anodda place an peopo dat was born dea. Half da peopo stan in front Mount Gerizim an half da peopo stan in front Mount Ebal. Dey do jalike Moses, Da One In Charge worka guy, wen tell dem fo do befo time, wen he tell dem how fo make fo Da One In Charge do good tings fo dem.
34 Afta dat, Joshua read all da Rules, how dey gotta make fo Da One In Charge do good stuff fo dem, an how Da One In Charge goin punish dem if dey do bad kine stuff, jalike da Book wit da Rules tell. 35 Joshua read eryting dat Moses wen tell to all da peopo dat stay dea, wit da wahines, an da kids, an da peopo from anodda place dat live wit dem.

8:30 8:30: Rules2 27:2-8

8:31 8:31: Outa 20:25

8:33 8:33: Rules2 11:29; 27:11-14