Miriam An Aaron Stan Agains Moses
(Hebrews 3:2, 5)
Miriam an Aaron start fo grumble bout Moses, cuz a da wahine he wen marry from Sudan. Cuz dass wat he wen do. Dey tell, “Wot! You guys tink Da One In Charge can talk ony thru Moses? You guys no tink Da One In Charge can talk thru us guys too?” An Da One In Charge hear all wat dey tell.
(You gotta know dat dis Moses guy erytime make um so he come las, mo den all da odda peopo on top da earth.)
Right den an dea Da One In Charge tell Moses, Aaron, an Miriam, “Come out an go by da Tent Wea Da Peopo Meet Me, all three a you guys.” So da three a dem go out by him. Den Da One In Charge come down inside one cloud dat go from da groun up to da sky. He stan by da place wea peopo go inside da Tent, an call “Aaron! Miriam!” Dose two come out. He tell,
“Lissen wat I tell!
‘If get one a you guys
Dat talk to yoa peopo fo me, Da One In Charge,
Da way I make dat guy know az me,
I make him see someting.
I talk to him in his dreams.
12:7: Heb 3:2But az not how I talk wit my worka guy Moses.
From all my peopo, he da ony one I know I can trus.
Wit him, I can talk strait.
Wen I talk, I make shua he know wat I mean.
I no hide wat I tell, not wit da hard fo undastan kine talk.
He know how I look like, me, Da One In Charge.
So den! How come you guys no sked
Fo grumble bout my worka guy Moses?!’ ”
Da One In Charge come real huhu wit Aaron an Miriam, an go way from dem.
10 Wen da cloud go up from ova da Tent, you know wat?! Miriam stan dea. Her get da kine sick all ova da skin, da kine odda peopo can catch, all white like da snow. Aaron look an see dat she get da lepa kine sick.
11 He tell Moses, “Try help, boss! No stay piss off agains us guys cuz a dis bad ting us wen do, jus cuz us stupid! 12 No let her stay jalike one mahke bebe dat jus born from inside da muddah, wit da kine skin dass ony half on top um!”
13 So Moses call out to Da One In Charge fo help, “Try help, God! Make her come good!”
14  12:14: Census 5:2-3Da One In Charge tell Moses, “If her faddah wen spit in her face, den she wen come shame fo seven day. Kay den, make her stay outside da camp seven day. Afta dat, bring her back inside.” 15 Az why Miriam gotta stay outside da camp seven day. Da peopo no can move till dey bring her back.
16 Afta dat, da peopo leave Hazerot, an make camp inside da Paran Boonies.

12:7 12:7: Heb 3:2

12:14 12:14: Census 5:2-3