If You No Fool Aroun,
You No Goin Get Hurt
Eh my boy! Do da tings I stay tell you fo do,
Keep inside you, wat I tell you gotta do.
Do da tings I stay tell you fo do,
Den you goin live fo real kine.
No foget fo do wat I stay teach,
Jalike you no foget fo keep stuff outa yoa eyeballs.
Da tings I stay tell you,
Make shua you tink bout um all da time.
Make shua you tie um on top yoa finga,
Make like you write um inside you
Jalike one book, so you no foget.
Learn real good fo know wat fo do erytime,
Cuz jalike you get yoa sistah fo help you.
Az jalike you get somebody from yoa ohana,
Fo learn real good how fo undastan stuff.
Den you goin stay away from da wahines dat not yoa wife.
An you no goin lissen
To some wahine dat not fo you,
Wen she try talk nice kine to you.
Da Wahine Dat Like Fool Aroun
One time, from inside my house, I wen look
Thru da open part a my window,
An I see some young guys,
Da kine guys dat donno notting.
Den I wen see dis one guy,
Him, he kinda dumb.
Da guy was walking, an he go down one street,
He right in front one corna
Fo go dis wahine house.
Was jus befo dark,
Almos eryting black.
10 An you know wat?
Dat wahine come out an go by him.
She stay wear da kine clotheses,
Jalike she one hoa.
She ack sneaky kine.
11 She da kine wahine dat get big mout an no like lissen nobody.
She no like stay home.
12 Sometimes she go to da street,
Sometimes she go da park,
By all da street cornas.
She go an hide dea
Fo jump out an grab somebody.
13 So dat wahine, she come out grab da young guy an kiss um,
An she no mo shame wen she talk to him!
14 She tell, “Eh! I wen make one sacrifice today,
Jalike I wen promise fo do!
Da kine fo show dat eryting okay,
An now, all pau.
15 Dass why I come outside look fo you,
Cuz I fo real kine like be wit you,
An ho! I wen find you!
16 I wen fix my bed all spesho kine,
Wit fancy kalakoa kine linen cloth from Egypt.
17 I wen make my couch smell nice.
I wen use myrrh, aloe, an cinnamon kine perfume.
18 Go come! We go all out fo fool aroun all nite!
We go make out an get good fun!
19 Cuz my husban, he no stay home.
He wen go one far place.
20 He wen go wit plenny silva inside his bag
Enuff fo stay maybe two week, befo he come home.”
Dass wat she tell da dumb guy.
If You Stupid, Bad Tings
Goin Happen To You
21 Dass how she make da guy go wit her.
She talk to him, real nice.
Her mout, so slick da way she tell um fo him go wit her.
22 Den short time he go wit her,
Jalike wen one cow go inside da slaughterhouse,
Jalike wen one deer jump right inside one trap,
23 An quick, da arrow go inside his opu!
Jalike wen one bird go strait into da bird trap,
Da guy, he donno he goin mahke cuz a dat.
Watch Out!
24 So now den, my boys! Lissen to me!
Tink bout wat I stay tell you guys!
25 No tink fo go
Da way wea dat kine wahine like you fo go.
No hang aroun dat side.
26 Cuz plenny peopo, she wen use um an wipe um out,
Dey goin mahke.
An she wen kill plenny guys awready.
27 Da roads to da Mahke Peopo Place
Start from dat wahine house,
An all dose roads go down
To da rooms inside Hell.