Sad Cuz Dey Gotta Stay Babylon Side
Us wen sit down
By da rivas Babylon side
An cry plenny,
Cuz we tink plenny bout how
Jerusalem town stay all bus up.
Us wen hang up oua harp
In da middo
A da willow tree branches
Fo no play um no moa.
Az cuz da guys dat wen capcha us,
Tell us gotta sing fo dem.
Da ones dat make us moan cuz we sad,
Dey tell,
“Go sing one happy kine song
From Jerusalem town!”
You tink us can sing
Bout Da One In Charge
Inside anodda country
Dass not oua country, o wat?!
No can!
If I foget Jerusalem town,
I like fo God make my right hand
Come all any kine!
If I no tink plenny bout Jerusalem,
O if I no tink dat Jerusalem da place
Wea I erytime stay good inside,
Mo den all da odda place,
Den I like fo God make my tongue
Stick to da top a my mout
Fo me no talk!
Da One In Charge no foget
Wat da Edom peopo wen do
Da time da Babylon army guys
wen take ova Jerusalem town.
Dey wen yell, “Bus up da place!
Wipe da place to da groun!”
137:8: JShow 18:6You Babylon peopo,
Garans you goin come all bus up.
If somebody punish you
Fo wat you wen make to us guys,
Us like God make dem
Stay good inside!
Anybody go grab yoa kids
An smash um on one cliff side,
Us like God make dem
Stay good inside!

137:8 137:8: JShow 18:6