One Guy Wit One String Fo Measure
Den I look up, an dea in front me get one guy dat hold one string fo measure inside his hand. I aks, “Wea you stay go?”
He tell me, “I goin go fo measure Jerusalem, fo find out how wide an how long stay.”
Den da firs angel messenja guy dat talk wit me go way. Anodda angel guy come out fo meet him. Da numba two angel guy tell him, “Run! Go tell dat guy wit da string fo measure, ‘Bumbye Jerusalem goin come one big town dat get uku plenny peopo an animals inside um. But me, I da One goin be jalike one fire all aroun da town, jalike one wall! Wen I stay inside da town, goin be awesome!’ ” Dass wat Da One In Charge tell.
Da One In Charge tell, “Bummahs! Run! Run away from da Babylon land, dat stay come from da north road! Cuz I wen make you guys scatta all ova da place, jalike da four winds!
“Run, my Zion peopo! You guys dat live inside Babylon, get outa dea!”
Dis wat Da One In Charge, Da God Ova All Da Armies, tell: “Afta da Awesome One sen me fo go afta da peopos dat wen rip off you guys, dose peopos goin get it! Cuz da one dat hurt you guys, jalike az my spesho peopo dat he hurt—an he goin get hurt jalike wen he poke da middo a his eye. Fo shua, I goin pay dose guys back an make dea slave guys rip dem off.” Den you guys goin know dat Da One In Charge, Da God Ova All Da Armies, wen sen me, Zekariah.
10 Da One In Charge tell, “Yell an stay good inside, my Zion peopo. Cuz I stay come, an I goin live wit you guys.” Dass da message from Da One In Charge. 11 “Dat time, plenny nations goin come tight wit me, Da One In Charge. Dey goin come my peopo. I goin live wit you guys.” An you guys goin know dat Da One In Charge, Da God Ova All Da Armies, he da One wen sen me, Zekariah, by you guys. 12 Da One In Charge goin make da Judah land his property, inside da land dat stay spesho fo him. An he goin pick Jerusalem fo come his town one mo time. 13 Quiet! All you peopo on top da earth, stay quiet in front Da One In Charge. Cuz he all ready fo come down hea from da place dat stay spesho fo him in da sky!