Mother taught me my
First words
As she held me near her
She taught me how to
Laugh and sing,
And always try to do
My part.
She didn't care for fancy
But filled our home with
She gave us peace and hope
And joy,
And faith in God above.
She wasn't much for
"Up now!"  "Rise and shine!"
Always teaching us
New things,
On waste, she drew the line.
She loved
The beauty of the flowers,
And wonders of the sky.
She shared
The magic of the birds,
And where they nest, and why.
Mother, Grandma,
Special Aunt,
That's how she is known.
I will always love her
She is my own.


copyright 1993 Nona Kelley Carver

Proverbs 31:28a   Her children arise up and call her blessed.  (KJV)

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