Colors glowing through
The rain
At the end of a summer day;
Jeweled tints of every hue,
That take my breath away.

Arching in the heavens
Far above the dampened sod.
Sunshine through the
Perfect handiwork of God.

Forests dripping in the mist,
Meadows fresh and green,
Wildflowers with fragrance
Bring pleasure to the scene.

Sparkling lakes and crystal
Reflect the evening sky.
Bold crimson of the sunset
That bids the day good-bye.

How can my memory capture
The wonder of it all...
Majestic bits of splendor
That make me feel so small.

I'll just relax, enjoy it. 
Be thankful I can see,
And treasure mountain
Etched in my memory.

copyright 1999 Nona Kelley Carver

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