Paul First Leta To
Paul karry di news about Jesus Christ, di Messiah, go Masidonia (Greece) but leta, e get to run go Akaia wey dey sout for Greece so dat dem nor go kill-am. From der, e visit Korint town and many pipol kon bilive en message, so e stay der for one and half year kon tish di pipol. Afta Paul komot Korint, di pipol kon rite one leta (wey nobody know where e dey naw) to ask am some kweshons. Korint pipol dey follow Greek pipol bilive wey sey fisical tins or body dey bad, so dem won try free humanbin spirit from en body. Dis tin kon affect di way dem dey si tins like marriage, to go party where dem dey chop juju food and how Jesus take raiz-up afta e die. Dis book na mainly to ansa di kweshons wey di pipol get.
I Salot
Na Paul, wey God koll to bi Jesus Christ apostle and Sostenes, awa broda, na dem rite dis leta. To God holy pipol for di church wey dey Korint, wey bi en own bikos of Jesus Christ and pipol for evriwhere wey dey woship awa Oga God Jesus Christ as dia Oga God and Savior. Make grace and peace wey God and Oga God Jesus Christ dey give, bi una own.
Paul Tank God
I dey always tank God, bikos of di grace wey E give una thru Jesus Christ. Bikos wi dey with Christ, God make us dey rish for evry side, both for wisdom and undastandin, bikos di message about Christ dey inside us, so una nor go miss any gift wey di Holy Spirit dey give, as una dey wait for di day wen God go bring awa Oga God Jesus Christ kom back. God go help una rish di end, so dat E nor go si fault for una life for di day wen Jesus go kom back. God dey faithful, bikos na-im koll una to waka with en pikin, Jesus Christ wey bi awa Oga God.
Di Church Na One Body
10 My brodas and sistas, I dey beg una with awa Oga God Jesus Christ name sey, make una nor kworel, but make una get one mind for evritin wey una dey do. 11 Bikos I don hear thru Khloe family sey, una dey kworel among unasef. 12 Wetin I hear bi sey, some of una dey sey, “Na Paul side I dey” odas sey, “Na Apollos side I dey” some still sey, “Na Pita side I dey” or “Na Christ side I dey.” 13 Una hear sey dem divide Christ? Na Paul dem hang kill for cross? Abi na Paul name dem take baptize una? 14 I tank God sey I nor baptize any of una escept Krispus and Gaius, 15 so nobody go fit sey na my name dem take baptize am. 16 (I remember sey I still baptize Stefanas family. Apart from dem, I nor remember any oda pesin wey I baptize.) 17 Bikos Christ nor send mi go baptize, but na to prish di gospel and nor bi with ordinary wisdom wey go make di sofa wey Christ sofa for cross, yeye.
Na Christ Bi God Pawa And Wisdom
18 Di message about Christ deat for cross bi like foolish matter to pipol wey don lost, but for wi wey God don save, di message na God pawa. 19 Bikos God word sey, “I go distroy di wisdom wey wise pipol feel sey dem get. I go konfuse doz wey tink sey dem know too mush.” 20 Wetin happen to di wise pipol? Wetin happen to doz wey know Moses Law well-well? Wetin happen to doz wey tink sey dem get all di ansa? Abi God nor sey dis world wisdom, nor mean anytin? 21 God wise well-well, so E nor let pipol for dis world know am with di wisdom wey dem get. Instead, E save only di pipol wey bilive di foolish message wey wi dey prish. 22 Jew pipol won si mirakle before dem go bilive and Greek pipol, na wisdom dem won hear, 23 but di true message about Jesus wey dem kill for cross, naim wi dey prish and di message bi like stone wey Jew pipol kick by mistake kon fall, but to Gentile pipol, na yeye tin e bi. 24 But for wi wey God don koll, weda wi bi Jew or Greek; na Christ bi God pawa and wisdom wey save us. 25 Bikos God foolishness wise pass all di sense wey human being get and God weakness strong pass all di pawa wey dem get.
26 My brodas and sistas, make una remember how God koll una, nor bi bikos una wise, strong or get money well-well. 27 But God choose wetin di world tink sey dey foolish and weak, so dat wise and strong pipol go shame. 28 Wetin di world tink sey nor good, naim God choose; tins wey dem tink sey nor mean anytin, na doz tins E make important. 29 God do like dis, so dat nobody go fit boast for en front. 30 Una don bi Christ friends bikos of God and na thru Christ wi get wisdom, goodness and holiness wey kom from God; 31 bikos, God word sey, “Anybody wey won boast, make e use Christ take boast.”