First Leta
Apostle Pita dey among di twelf disciple wey Jesus choose and tish for di time wen e dey dis eart. Pita spend di final years for en life as leader for di church for Rome and e prish di good news for early 60AD. Wen Pita hear sey Christians dey sofa for some aria of Turkey: Pontus, Galatia, Kappadocia, Asia, and Bitynia (1 Pita 1:1), e kon rite to dem sey make dia faith for Jesus Christ nor shake at-all. Na Silas diliver Pita leta. Pita introduce Silas sey naim help am rite di leta.
I Salot
Na mi Pita wey bi Jesus Christ apostle rite dis leta to di strenjas for Pontus, Galatia, Kappadocia, Asia aria and Bitynia wey God choose sey, make dem dey holy thru en Spirit. Make una dey obey Christ for evritin and en blood go klean una. Make grace and peace bi una own!
Hope Wey God Dey Give
Wi tank God wey bi awa Oga God Jesus Christ Papa, for di mesi wey E dey show us. God give us new life thru Jesus Christ wey E wake from deat and naim bi di Pesin wey give us hope. Dem born us put for inheritance wey nor dey spoil, dirty or fade. God keep di inheritance for heaven for us and en pawa dey protet am thru faith and wi dey wait for di salvashon wey go kom for di time wen di world go end. Aldo una go sofa small, but dis joy go bring happiness for una. Dis kind sofa go show sey una faith na really one. Gold wey go spoil one day, dem still dey test am for fire, tok-less of una faith wey get value pass gold and e go bring praiz, glory and honor wen Jesus Christ go kom. Aldo una neva si am, but una love am. Una nor dey si am naw, but una bilive am, una get happiness and glory wey una nor go fit esplain. Una still get wetin make una faith strong and na dis bi di salvashon wey una soul get.
10 For dis salvashon matter, di profets wey tok before about di grace wey go kom, try well-well weda dem fit know wetin e mean, but dem nor fit. 11 Dem one know di time and di pesin wey God Spirit dey tok about. God don tok before about di sofa wey E sey Christ must sofa and di glory wey e go get. 12 Dem show sey nor bi demsef dem dey work for, but na for una, bikos una hear dis matter from di apostles thru di Holy Spirit pawa wey kom from heaven. Even angels dey wish sey dem know dis tins.
13 So, make una always dey ready for akshon. Make una shine una eye and put hope for di grace wey Jesus Christ go bring. 14 Like shidren wey dey obey, make una stop di bad tins wey una dey do wen una neva know di trut. 15 But for evritin wey una dey do, make una dey holy like di Pesin wey koll una, 16 bikos God word sey, “Make una dey holy, bikos I dey holy.” 17 Since una dey koll God wey dey judge evribody akordin to wetin e do, “Papa”, make una live una life with respet for am. 18 Una know sey, God free una from di empty life wey una kollect from una grand-grand papa dem and E nor buy una with sometin wey fit spoil like silva or gold, 19 but na with Christ blood and na dis Christ bi God lamb wey nor get any mark or stain. 20 God choose am before E kreate dis world, but na for dis last days E show am to una. 21 True am, una bilive God wey raiz am from deat kon gi-am glory. So, una faith and hope dey for God hand.
22 Una don klean una soul with di trut wey una dey obey and as brodas and sistas, make una love each oda well-well. 23 God nor save una with human being body wey fit die, but na thru en word wey get life and dey forever.
24 Human being bi like grass
and wetin make am fine,
bi like flower;
di grass go dry and di flower go die,
25 but God word go last forever.
And na dis word bi di Good News wey dem prish give una.