First Samuel
Hannah Born Samuel
E get one man wey kom from Ramataim Zofim for Efraim kountry wey dey on-top hill and en name na Elkanah. Elkanah papa name na Jeroham. Elihu wey bi Tohu pikin, na-im born Jeroham and na Zuf wey kom from Efraim tribe, bi Tohu papa. Elkanah get two wife; di first one name na Hannah, while di sekond one na Peninnah. Peninnah get shidren, but Hannah nor get.
Evry year, Elkanah dey from en town go woship and sakrifice to God for Shiloh. Na der, Eli two pikin (Hofni and Finehas) dey for serve God as priest. Wen ever e rish Elkanah turn to woship God, e dey give meat to en wife Peninnah and all en shidren. But e dey give Hannah doubol part, bikos e love am well-well, but God neva give Hannah pikin. Peninnah dey always laf and make yanga for Hannah, bikos God neva give Hannah shidren. Peninnah dey always bihave like dis evry years. Anytime wey Hannah go God house, Peninnah go laf and curse am, so Hannah go dey kry and e nor go gri chop. One day, Elkanah kon ask Hannah, “Wetin make yu dey kry and nor gri chop? Why yu dey vex? I nor dey good for yu pass ten boy pikin?”
So one day wen dem go Shiloh, afta dem don chop and drink finish, Hannah stand up kon go pray. (Dat time Eli wey bi priest sidan for en chair wey dey God Temple door-mot.) 10 Hannah nor dey happy as e dey pray give God, so e kon dey kry. 11 So e kon promise God sey, “My papa, if Yu go sorry and remember mi, yor savant, den give mi one boy pikin, I go dedikate am give Yu as long as e dey for dis life and dem nor go ever kut en hair.”
12 As Hannah still dey pray give God, Eli kon dey look en mout. 13 Naw, Hannah dey pray from en heart. Aldo en lips dey move, but dem nor dey hear en vois. So Eli kon feel sey Hannah don drink well-well. 14 So e tell am, “Why yu drink kom here? Make yu nor dey drink again!”
15 But Hannah ansa, “My oga! Nor bi as yu tink am! My mind nor setol at-all. I nor drink as yu dey tink o-o. I just dey tell God evritin wey dey my heart. 16 Nor tink sey yor savant dey wiked, bikos I just dey pray since bikos my heart dey heavy.”
17 Eli kon ansa, “Make yu go! Make peace follow yu and make Israel God give yu wetin yu wont.”
18 So, Hannah kon sey, “Make mi, yor savant get favor for yor eyes.” So di woman go find wetin e go chop and e kon dey happy.
19 Di next day, Elkanah and en family wake-up for early morning go woship God, den dem kon go back to dia house for Rama. Elkanah sleep with en wife Hannah and God kon remember am. 20 Afta sometaim, Hannah get belle kon born boy. Den Hannah koll am, Samuel, bikos e sey, “I ask God make E gi-am to mi.”
Hannah Give Samuel To God
21 Di next year, Elkanah and en family kon go sakrifice give God again and dem gi-am di vow wey dem make, 22 but Hannah nor go. Instead, e tell en husband, “Wen di boy don big small, I go bring am to God kon gi-am to am forever.”
23 So, Elkanah sey, “Make yu do wetin dey yor mind. Stay with di boy until e fit stay alone. Make God komplete wetin E don start.”
24 So di woman stay with en pikin until e kon big. Wen Hannah don train am rish, e kon karry am with three melu, one bag of flower and one kontaina of wine, go God house for Shiloh. 25 Afta dem don kill di melu, dem kon take di boy go give Eli. 26 Hannah kon sey, “Oga, yu remember mi so? Na mi bi di woman wey yu si stand for here dey pray give God. 27 I ask am for pikin and E don give mi wetin I wont. 28 Naw, I don gi-am to God. From today go, I dey dedikate am give God.” Den, dem kon woship God for der.