Sheba Kween
Wen Sheba kween hear about Solomon, di woman kon go ask am strong-strong kweshon. Di kween rish Jerusalem with many pipol and many kamel wey karry spices, plenty gold and precious jewels. Wen di kween meet Solomon, e tell am evritin wey e get for en mind. Solomon get ansa for all di kween kweshon; e nor get anytin wey dey too hard for am to esplain give di kween. Wen Sheba kween si di palis wey Solomon build and how di king get sense rish, di woman sopraiz well-well. Di kween still sopraiz for di kind food wey dey di tabol; as Solomon ofisas dey organize and di fine-fine klot wey dem wear; di pesin wey dey hold di cup; dia garment and di burnt ofrin wey Solomon offa for God Temple.
Di kween tell Solomon, “Wetin I hear for my kountry about evritin wey yu get and yor wisdom, na true! I nor bilive wetin dem tok until I kom here kom si dem with my own eyes. True-true, I neva even hear half of di wisdom wey yu get! Wetin I dey si so, dem nor even tell mi rish half. Yor pipol go dey happy well-well o-o! Na betta honor for yor ofisas to stand here evriday dey listin to yor wisdom! Make wi praiz di Oga wey bi yor God, bikos E like yu kon give yu dis en great kingdom. God love Israel and en pipol and E wont make dis kingdom last forever. E don make yu king ova dem, so dat yu go rule well and dey good with am.”
Den di kween give di king gift wey bi 9,000 pound of gold, many spices and precious jewels. E nor get any spices wey fine rish di ones wey Sheba kween give King Solomon.
10 (Plus all dis ones, Hiram and Solomon savant buy gold from Ofir, plus fine timba and precious jewels. 11 Di king use di timbas take make steps for God Temple, en royal palis kon do instrument for doz wey dey play music. For Judah land, nobody don ever si anytin like dat until dat time.)
12 Evritin wey Sheba kween ask for, King Solomon gi-am and wetin e gi-am many pass wetin di kween bring kom. Den di kween kon go back to en kountry with di men wey follow am kom.
Solomon Propaty
13 Solomon dey kollect 666 pound for gold evry year. 14 All dis nor dey join di oda tins wey e dey get from doz wey dey buy and sell. All Arabia kings and govnor from di aria, dey still bring gold and silva kon gi-am.
15 King Solomon make 200 big shield with gold; na 600 gold wey dem melt for fire, dem take make each one. 16 E still make 300 small shield with gold; na 300 gold wey dem melt for fire, dem take make each one. Di king put dem for di palis for Lebanon Forest. 17 Di king make one big throne wey dem design with ivory kon dekorate am with gold. 18 Di throne get six steps and di place where dem go put leg on-top, na gold dem take do am. Di throne get where dem go rest hand put for di two side and one image like lion dey for di two side for di throne. 19 E still get twelf oda image like lion for di six step; one lion for each end for di six step. E nor get any oda throne for di world wey dem fit use take kompare dis one! 20 All di cup wey king Solomon dey take drink wota or wine, na betta gold dem take make dem, just like all di tins wey dey di palis for Lebanon Forest. Dem nor make dem with silva, bikos wen Solomon dey rule, e nor si silva as anytin! 21 Di king get many ship wey go Tarshish with Hiram savants. Wons evry three years, di ship dey kom back with plenty gold, silva, ivory, apes and peacocks.
22 So King Solomon kon get money well-well and wise pass any oda king wey dey dis eart. 23 Kings from evriwhere dey kom meet am make dem for hear from di wisdom wey God gi-am. 24 Evribody wey dey kom visit Solomon, dey bring gift wey bi gold, silva, klot, war tins, spices, horse and melu kom meet am.
25 Solomon get 4,000 place where e dey keep en shariot and ordinary horse put and e get 12,000 horse. E keep dem for some towns wey e choose and for Jerusalem town too. 26 E rule all di kingdoms from Eufrates River go rish Filistia pipol land and e still rish di borda for Egypt side. 27 Di king make silva plenty for Jerusalem like san-san. Cedar wood plenty, just as sikamore fig tree plenty for di low lands. 28 Solomon buy en horse dem from Egypt and many difren kountries.
29 Di remainin tins wey Solomon do, from biginnin go rish di end, dem rite dem put for di book wey Profet Natan rite; plus Ahijah for Shiloh profesy; Iddo wey dey si vishon and di vishon about Jeroboam wey bi Nebat pikin. 30 E rule Israel pipol from Jerusalem for forty years. 31 Wen King Solomon die, dem beri am for David Town, bikos dem name di town afta en papa, David. En pikin Rehoboam kon take-ova as king.