Wen Rehoboam dey rule and don get pawa well-well, en and Israel pipol kon rijet God law. Bikos dem nor dey follow God law again, for di fift year wey Rehoboam dey rule, King Shishak for Egypt kon attack Jerusalem. King Shishak bring 1,200 shariot, 60,000 horse-men and many sojas follow am kom from Egypt, Libya, Sukk and Kush. E seize Judah town wey dem fence well-well kon mash face Jerusalem.
Profet Shemaya visit Rehoboam and Judah leaders wey gada for Jerusalem, bikos of Shishak kon tell dem sey, “Dis na wetin God tok: ‘Una don rijet mi, so I go rijet and give una to Shishak.’ ”
Israel leaders and di king honbol demsef kon sey, “Na di korrect tin God dey do so o-o.”
Wen God si sey dem don turn kom meet am, E kon tell Profet Shemaya sey, “Dem don honbol demsef, so I nor go distroy dem again. I go soon diliver dem. I nor go use Shishak take show Jerusalem pipol as I dey vex rish. But Shishak go win dem, so dat dem go know di difren between to serve mi or oda rulers.”
King Shishak for Egypt attack Jerusalem kon karry all di good tins wey dey di temple and di gold shield wey Solomon make. 10 King Rehoboam make gold shield take replace dem kon put ofisas to guide di palis gate. 11 Anytime di king go di temple, di guards go karry di shields kom out, den take dem go back to di guard-room wen di king don komot from di temple.
12 Afta Rehoboam honbol ensef, God nor vex distroy am again and evritin kon dey progress for Judah.
13 King Rehoboam kingdom kon strong well-well for Jerusalem. E bi forty-one years wen e start to rule and e rule for seventeen years from Jerusalem, di town wey God choose among all Israel tribe as en house. King Rehoboam mama kom from Ammon and en name na Naamah. 14 E sin against God bikos e nor gri serve am with en whole heart.
15 Evry oda tin wey King Rehoboam do, dem rite am put for Profet Shemaya and Profet Iddo history book. 16 Den Rehoboam die and dem beri am for David Town. En pikin Abijah kon take-ova as king.