For thirty-six years wen Asa dey rule for Judah, King Baasha for Israel kon attack Judah. E put sojas for Rama, so dat nobody go enter or komot from di town.
King Asa take all di silva and gold wey dey di temple and di royal palis kon send dem with message go give King Ben-Hadad for Siria, wey dey rule Damaskus sey: “I won enter agriment with yu as awa papa do. I don send silva and gold kon give yu. So make yu break yor agriment with King Baasha for Israel, so dat e go komot from my land.”
King Ben-Hadad gri with wetin King Asa tok, so e send en sojas go attack Israel towns. Dem win Ijon, Dan, Abel-Maim and all di towns where Naftali pipol dey keep tins put. Wen King Baasha hear di news, e karry en sojas kon komot from Rama. King Asa orda Judah men sey make dem karry di stones and wood wey Baasha take block Rama komot. E kon use dem take build Gibeah and Mizpa.
For dat time, Profet Hanani visit King Asa for Judah kon tell am: “Bikos yu bilive Siria king pass God, yu nor go fit win Siria sojas again. Kush and Libya pipol nor get plenty sojas, shariot and many men wey dey ride horse for dem? But wen yu trust God, E kon give dem to yu. E klear sey na God dey wosh di whole world and E dey ready to give pawa to doz wey trust am. Yu nor use sense for dis matter, so from naw go, na so-so war yu go dey fight.”
10 Asa vex well-well for di profet, so e kon put am for prison. Dat time, King Asa still vex opress some pipol.
King Asa Die
11 All di tins wey happen wen King Asa dey rule, dem rite dem put for Judah and Israel kings history book. 12 For thirty-nine years wen King Asa dey rule, e kon get diziz for leg. Even doh di sickness dey worse well-well, Asa nor gri pray to God at-all, instead e kon dey go meet difren doctors. 13 King Asa die for di forty-first year wey e bi king. 14 Dem beri am for en own grave for David Town. Dem pour spices and betta oil for en body kon make and burn big fire to take honor am.