Jehoshafat die and dem beri am with en grand-grand papa dem for David Town. En pikin Jehoram kon take-ova as king.
Jehoram Rule
Jehoram brodas na Zabud, Jehiel, Zekaraya, Azariahu, Mikael and Shefataya. All of dem na King Jehoshafat pikin. Dia papa give dem gold, silva and many oda good tins with towns for Judah wey dem guide well, but e give di kingdom to Jehoram, bikos na-im bi di first pikin.
Jehoram kontrol en papa kingdom kon get pawa well-well. Den e kill all en brodas and some ofisas for Israel. Jehoram na thirty-two years wen e start to rule and e rule rish eight years from Jerusalem. E follow Israel king footstep just as Ahab rule. E marry Ahab pikin kon do wiked tins for God present. But God nor won distroy David kingdom, bikos E promise am sey en kingdom go dey forever.
Wen Jehoram dey rule, Edom pipol free diasef from Judah kontrol and dem kon choose king for demsef. Jehoram cross go Zair with en ofisas and all en shariot. Edom pipol wey dey near am kon attack and win en with en ofisas for nite. 10 Na dis make Edom pipol dey free from Judah pawa kon rish naw.
For dat same time, Libnah still fight free demsef from Judah pawa, bikos King Jehoram rijet en papa God. 11 E still build juju place for Judah hills, den Jerusalem and Judah pipol nor kon dey obey di Oga dia God.
12 King Jehoram receive dis leta from Profet Elijah:
“Dis na wetin yor grand-grand papa, David God tok: yu nor follow Jehoshafat yor papa and King Asa for Judah footstep, 13 instead, yu dey sin like Israel kings. Yu make Judah pipol and doz wey dey stay for Jerusalem turn from God, just as Ahab family do for Israel. Yu still kill yor brodas and yor papa family wey betta pass yu. 14 So, God go send sickness kom meet yor pipol, yor sons, yor wifes and evribody wey bi yor own. 15 Yu go get sirious diziz wey go make yor intestine swell-up.”
16 God make some Filistia and Arab pipol wey dey stay near di river go fight war with King Jehoram. 17 Dem attack Judah kon karry evritin wey dem si for di palis; plus di king sons, en wifes, but dem leave en yongest son, Ahazaya.
18 Wen all dis tins don happen, God kon ponish am with betta diziz for intestine and nobody fit heal am. 19 Afta two years, en intestine swell-up well-well and e kon die with pain. En pipol nor make big fire take beri am, just as dem beri en grand-grand papa dem.
20 King Jehoram na thirty-two years wen e bi king and e rule for eight years from Jerusalem. En deat nor pain anybody at-all and dem beri am for David Town, but nor bi for di royal beri groun.