Hezekaya na twenty-five years wen e start to rule and e rule twenty-nine years from Jerusalem. Zekaraya pikin, Abijah, na-im bi Hezekaya mama. E obey God, just like David en grand-grand papa do.
For di first mont for di first year wen e dey rule, e open God Temple kon ripair di doors. King Hezekaya bring di priest and Levi pipol togeda for di east side for di temple kon tell dem, “Una wey bi Levi pipol, make una listin to mi. Make una dey holy, so dat una go fit make una grand-grand papa dem temple holy! Make una remove anytin wey nor dey klean from God Temple! Awa papa dem nor obey God, dem do wiked tins against awa God kon turn from am. Dem leave and rijet God. Dem lock di temple kon kwensh di lamps; dem nor offa incense or burnt sakrifice for God house and na dis God bi Israel pipol God. Bikos of dis, God kon dey vex for Judah and Jerusalem pipol and wetin E do dem dey make evribody shake and fear. Si, awa papa don die for war and dem karry awa wifes and shidren go as prisonas. 10 I won make kovenant with di Oga wey bi Israel pipol God, so dat E nor go vex again. 11 My pipol, make una nor waste time, bikos God don choose una to serve and gi-am sakrifice.”
12 Dis na Levi pipol wey ready to do wetin di king tok:
From Kohat shidren-shidren:
wi get Mahat wey bi Amasai pikin and Joel wey bi Zabud pikin.
From Merari shidren-shidren:
wi get Kish wey bi Abdi pikin and Zabud wey Jehallelel born.
From Gershon shidren-shidren:
wi get Joah wey bi Zimma pikin and Eden wey Joah born.
13 From Elizafan shidren-shidren:
wi get Shimri and Jeiel.
From Asaf shidren-shidren:
wi get Zekaraya and Matanaya.
14 From Heman shidren-shidren:
wi get Jehiel and Shimei.
From Jedutun shidren-shidren:
wi get Shemaya hand Uzziel.
15 Dem gada dia brodas kon santify demsef. Dem kon go inside go klean God Temple, just as di king tok from God word. 16 Di priest enter God house kon make am holy. Evritin wey nor dey klean for God Temple, dem karry am go out and Levi pipol kon karry dem go Kidron Valley. 17 Dem start to klean for di first day for di first mont and for di eight day for di mont, dem klean rish di varanda for God Temple. Dem klean God Temple for anoda eight days kon finish for di sixteent day for di same mont.
18 Dem go meet King Hezekaya kon tell am, “Wi don klean God Temple with evritin wey dey inside: di tabol for di holy bread and di altar wey dem for dey offa sakrifice. 19 Wi don prepare and replace all di tins wey Ahaz komot wen e bi king, bikos e nor dey obey God. Dem dey God altar front naw.”
20 For early morning di next day, King Hezekaya gada all di town ofisas go God Temple. 21 Dem bring seven bulls, seven rams, seven lamb and seven goats to offa as sin ofrin for di kingdom, for God Temple and for Judah pipol. Di king tell di priest wey kom from Aaron family sey make e do sakrifice for God altar. 22 Dem kill di bulls, rams, lamb kon put dia blood for di altar. 23 Den, dem bring di goats for di sin ofrin kon give di king and evribody wey gada, den dem put dia hand on-top di goats. 24 So di priest kill di goats, put dia blood for di altar as sin ofrin to klean Israel pipol, bikos di king don tok am sey di burnt sakrifice and di sin ofrin, na for Israel pipol.
25 Di king follow di advise wey God give King David thru Profet Gad and Profet Natan. E put Levi pipol for di temple with harp and cymbals. 26 Levi pipol karry David music instrument and di priest dem karry dia own trumpet too.
27 King Hezekaya sey make dem burn di sakrifice for di altar and as dem dey burn di sakrifice, dem dey play David music instrument and sing praiz God. 28 All di pipol wey gada, woship God. Some dey sing and di odas dey blow trumpet. Dem do like dis till di sakrifice burn finish.
29 Afta, di king and all di pipol wey dey with am kon bow woship God. 30 King Hezekaya and all di ofisas tell Levi pipol sey make dem use David and Profet Asaf psalms take praiz God and dem kon dey happy as dem dey praiz and woship God.
31 King Hezekaya tell dem, “Si, una don dey klean for God eye, so make una bring sakrifice and gift kom take tank God for en temple.” Den, evribody wey gada, karry sakrifice and gifts go tank God and anybody wey like to offa sakrifice, dey burn en ofrin.
32 So evritin wey dem sakrifice give God na: 70 bulls, 100 rams and 200 lamb. 33 Dem still bring 600 bulls and 3,000 sheep as sakrifice and na di pipol go chop dis ones. 34 But dem nor get enough priest to kill all di animals. So, Levi pipol wey bi dia brodas kon help dem till di work finish and di priest santify demsef. Levi pipol even santify demsef pass di priest. 35 Dem do many burnt sakrifice with di drink ofrin too kon burn di fat for di peace ofrin. 36 King Hezekaya and all di pipol happy well-well for wetin God do for dem, bikos E kwik-kwik do am.