Paul Sekond Leta To
Paul first leta to Korint pipol show us how di bilivers faith strong rish and dis sekond leta show us di viktory wey di Christians get, as dem dey struggol to live di new life (1:1–7:16). Paul enkourage di pipol sey God go konfort dem as dem try do wetin God wont. E try to ripair di relashonships and kon make plans to kollect gifts for bilivers wey dey struggol for Jerusalem and tok to doz wey dey koll demsef Super-Apostols.
I Salot
Paul, wey bi Jesus Christ apostle, bikos na so God wont am, naim and Timoti awa broda, rite dis leta go give God pipol for di church wey dey Korint and to all di good brodas for Akaia. Make God awa Papa and Oga God Jesus Christ give una grace and peace.
Tank God For En Konfort
Make wi tank God wey bi awa Oga God Jesus Christ Papa, di God wey dey give mesi and konfort, E dey help us wen wi dey trobol, so dat wi go fit help odas thru di help wey E help us. Just as wi sofa with Christ, na so too wi go get help from God thru Christ. If wi sofa, na for una good and salvashon; if wi dey okay, den una go fit bear di kind sofa wey wi bear. So, wi get hope about una, bikos wi know sey as una dey follow us sofa, na so una go still follow us get konfort. My brodas and sistas, wi wont make una know about di wahala wey wi face for Asia aria. Di trobol wey wi face, heavy well-well and life kon taya us. True-true, wi tink sey wi go die. But dis happen so dat wi nor go just trust awasef, but wi go trust God wey dey wake pipol from deat. 10 E save us from deat and E go diliver us. Wi don put awa hope for en hand sey E go diliver us again. 11 As una don join dey pray for us, na so too God go ansa all di many prayers wey una dey pray for us, den E go bless us and many pipol go kon tank am, bikos of wetin E dey do for us.
Paul Shange Plan
12 Wi dey happy, bikos wi know sey di way wi dey live awa life for dis world and how wi dey bihave with una, dey show sey na God send us thru en pawa, nor bi human being own. 13 Bikos evritin wey I rite, na wetin una go fit read and undastand. But I hope sey una go undastand am well, 14 just as una don undastand us rish and na wi make una dey proud and na una go make us proud too, for di day wey Jesus go kom. 15 Na with dis mind I bi won take kom meet una before, so dat wi go bless una again. 16 Bikos I plan to visit una wen I dey go Masidonia and wen I dey kom back, so dat una go help mi wen I dey travel go Judea. 17 So, wen I dey plan dis tins, I nor tink before I do am? Wen I dey plan, I dey plan bikos of wetin I wont? Or na bikos I ready to sey, “Yes, yes” or “No, no” at wons? 18 But as God dey faithful, wetin wi dey prish give una nor bi make e for bi just “Yes” or “No.” 19 Bikos God Pikin, Jesus Christ, di One wey mi, Silas and Timoti dey prish give una, nor bi “Yes” and “No.” But from biginnin, na Jesus bi God “Yes.” 20 And evritin wey God promise us, na “Yes” thru Jesus Christ. Dat na why awa “Amen” thru Jesus Christ dey give God glory. 21 Na God make wi and una dey sure sey wi dey inside Christ. Na God choose us from odas 22 and E don mark us as en own kon put en Spirit for awa heart, so dat wi go dey sure of all di oda tins wey E sey E go give us.
Wetin Make Paul Shange En Visit
23 Na God bi my witness, bikos E know my heart! Na bikos I nor won disturb una naim make mi nor go Korint again. 24 Wi nor dey try to force una to bilive us; wi know sey una faith strong well-well. But wi dey work with una so dat una go dey happy well-well.