Sekond Samuel
David Hear About Saul And En Sons
Afta Saul don die, wen David dey kom back from where e go fight and win Amalek pipol, e kon go stay Ziklag for two days. For di third day, one yong man run kom from Saul kamp kon bow for David front. E dey kry with pain, bikos of wetin happen and e tear en klot kon pak dirty for en head.
David ask am, “Na where yu from kom?”
Di man ansa, “I eskape from Israel pipol kamp.”
David kon sey, “Make yu tell mi wetin dey happen.”
Di man ansa, “Awa sojas run komot from di war and dem kon kill many of awa pipol. Dem still kill Saul and Jonatan, en pikin.”
David ask am, “How yu take know sey Saul and Jonatan don die?”
E ansa, “Na from Mount Gilboa I from si Saul as e knee down with en spear and I si sey di enemy shariot and doz wey dey ride dem don dey near am well-well. Den e turn round and wen e si mi, e kon koll mi. I ansa, ‘Yes sir!’
“E kon ask who I bi and I tell am sey, I bi Amalek pesin.
“Den e sey, ‘Kom kill mi! Dem don wound mi well-well and I dey die.’
10 “So I kon go kill-am, bikos I know sey e go die. Den I komot di crown from en head and di shain from en hand. So my oga, I don bring dem kom give yu.”
11 David and all en men kon vex tear dia klot. 12 Dem mourn, kry and fast till evening for Saul, Jonatan and for God pipol wey dey Israel, bikos dem don kill many of dem for war.
13 David kon ask di man wey kom tell am di news, “Na where yu from kom?” Di man ansa, “I bi Amalek pesin, but na yor kountry I dey stay.”
14 David ask am, “Wetin make yu nor fear to kill di pesin wey God choose?”
15 Den David kon tell one of en men, “Make yu kill-am!” Di man kon kill di Amalek man, 16 den David tell di dead man, “Na yu use yor mout take kill yorsef: Yu kondemn yorsef wen yu sey yu kill di pesin wey God choose as king.”
David Cry For Saul And Jonatan
17 David sing dis song as e dey kry for Saul and Jonatan 18 and e sey make dem tish di song to pipol wey dey Judah. (Dem rite di song for Jashar book.)
19 “Awa leaders die on-top hill for Israel!
Awa sojas wey strong pass don die!
20 Make yu nor announce am for Gat
or for Ashkelon strits.
So dat Filistia wimen and di pipol wey dey woship juju,
nor go happy.
21 Make rain or dew nor fall for Mount Gilboa,
make di fields nor produce fruit at-all!
Bikos na for der dem for disgrace strong sojas
with all di pawa wey dem get.
Dem abandon Saul shield wey e take dey protet ensef
and dem nor rub oil put.
22 Jonatan arrow nor stop to flow with pipol blood;
e even skata strong wariors flesh.
Saul swod nor taya to distroy many pipol for groun.
23 I love Saul and Jonatan well-well.
Deat nor go fit separate dem.
Dem fast pass eagle
and strong pass lion.
24 Israel wimen,
make una mourn for Saul!
E dey give una fine klot,
jewel and gold.
25 Di sojas wey strong well-well don fall,
dem kill dem for war;
naw, Jonatan don die for di hill.
26 Jonatan my broda, si as I dey kry for yu!
I love yu with all my heart,
bikos di love wey yu get for mi,
deep pass di one wey dem dey love woman.
27 Di sojas wey strong well-well don fall and naw,
dia weapons don dey yuzles.”