Di Kovenant Box For Jerusalem
David gada 30,000 sojas for Israel wey sabi fight well-well kon lead dem go Baala for Judah make dem go bring di Kovenant Box wey karry God name, wey en throne big pass di creature wey get feadas. Dem karry am komot from Abinadab house for di hill kon go put am for one new truck wey melu dey draw. Uzza and Ahio, wey Abinadab born, na dem dey guide di truck. Ahio dey waka for di box front. David and Israel pipol sing and dance well-well to take honor God. Dem dey play harp, jita, drums, sheke-sheke and cymbals.
Wen dem waka rish Nakon farm, di animal wey karry di box bin won fall and Uzza try to hold am make e nor for fall. At wons, God vex well-well for Uzza kon kill-am, bikos e nor respet God and Uzza die near di box.
So, na Perez Uzzah dem dey koll dat place kon rish naw. David vex bikos God use vexnashon take ponish Uzza.
Den, David fear God well-well kon sey, “How I go take karry di Kovenant Box follow body naw?” 10 So David kon sey e nor go karry am go Jerusalem again, den e turn kon karry am go Obed-Edom house. Na Gat Obed-Edom from kom. 11 Di box stay der for three mont and God kon bless Obed-Edom and en family.
12 David hear sey God don bless Obed-Edom family and evritin wey e get, so e kon karry di Kovenant Box komot from Obed-Edom house go Jerusalem as dem dey celebrate. 13 Wen di men wey karry di box don waka six steps, David stop dem kon sakrifice two (man and woman) big melu give God. 14 David wey wear only linen for en waist, dance well-well to take honor God. 15 En and Israel pipol blow trumpet kon dey shaut as dem dey karry di box with happiness go Jerusalem.
16 As dem bring di box kom di town, Mikal wey bi Saul girl pikin look from window and e si David as e dey dance well-well with only linen klot, di woman kon dey shame, bikos of David, en husband.
17 Dem bring di box kon put am for di place wey David make for am for di tent. Den e give God sakrifice and fellowship ofrins. 18 Wen e don give di sakrifice finish, e bless di pipol with God name 19 kon give dem food. David kon give bread, rice and meat wey dem roast to evribody for Israel, den all of dem kon go dia house.
20 Afta, wen David go greet en family for house, Mikal kom meet and tell David for outside sey, “Israel king don fool ensef well-well today! E disgrace ensef for en girls savant and ofisas front!”
21 David ansa, “I dey dance to honor God wey choose mi, instead of yor papa and en family. E make mi lead Israel wey bi en pipol. I go kontinue to dey respet God with my dance 22 and I go disgrace mysef pass like dis. Yu fit tink sey I fool mysef for pipol front, but doz girls go respet mi more-more!”
23 Bikos of dis tin, Mikal wey bi Saul pikin, nor born any pikin till e die.